February 12, 2020
Grupo Los Grobo participated in the first day of collection of empty phytosanitary containers
Last Friday, February 7, a collection day for empty phytosanitary containers convened by the OPDS and Campo Limpio was carried out in compliance with Law 27,279, in force since 2019.

The Association of Agricultural Engineers of Carlos Casares, together with the Municipality and local Companies and Agronomies committed to sustainable production, were responsible for coordinating the collection of packaging locally through the dissemination and awareness of its producers and customers.

n this way and only during the first two days of collection in Carlos Casares, two complete trucks were assembled, which is equivalent to about 8,000 empty phytosanitary cans that are already guaranteed their final safe disposal and therefore, they were already removed from the state.

At the end of the months of February and March, two new collection days will be held to ensure compliance with the process and strengthen the commitment of local farmers to sustainable production while the project for the installation of a Transitional Center for Empty Containers of Phytosanitary in our city.

From Grupo Los Grobo, we want to continue generating added value to our entire network of links, producing in a sustainable and safe way, always committed to the protection of the environment.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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