March 24, 2021
Grupo Los Grobo presented a new digital platform, with all the information necessary to make better decisions in agriculture
The new tool, called Mauá, offers the producer updated data on climate, crop status, prices and products. In addition, it is a link between the company and its customers.

The Los Grobo business group today launched its new Mauá platform, a digital tool that will allow producers - their customers in a first stage - to access updated information for decision-making, such as the price of grains and inputs, or data referring to the climate, as well as regarding the operations or the current account that the client has with the company.

On Monday, the founder of Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, had advanced the launch in an interview on Infobae.

In this way, the company that was born in the Buenos Aires city of Carlos Casares, immerses itself in the world of digital platforms, with a simple and straightforward design and an important flow of relevant information for decision-making in agricultural businesses.

This new tool for the sector, defined by its developers as "agile, independent, collaborative and intelligent", can be accessed from the cell phone or the web, and also aims to facilitate the commercial relationship between the client and the company, promoting a more professional bond with the Argentine producer.

Grobocopatel considered this new technology as fundamental for decision-making in turbulent and uncertain times such as those that run and assured that this tool "integrates with a technological convergence that includes, in addition to artificial intelligence, the internet of things, biotechnology and nanotechnology , robotics, precision agriculture, blockchain, fintech, e-commerce and many others that will transform productive ecosystems, organizational culture and life in general ”.

Grobocopatel spoke from Uruguay, the country that has been his residence since last year, and in the context of the presentation of the application he had an extensive talk with Enrique Iglesias, a Uruguayan economist who was president of the IDB and ECLAC, as well as former foreign minister. from that country. “With this launch and all the actions that we have been developing, we want to continue being protagonists as we have done since our beginnings. Protagonists of these transformations whose purpose is to improve the quality of life and happiness of people, "said the businessman.

For his part, the CEO of the group, Jorge Arpí, considered that this brand new development “is the tip of the iceberg of a much more ambitious and profound project whose objective is to integrate all the company's operations in a digital universe. We are firmly committed to being the best business partner of all business players. We are committing resources and effort to achieve it. We believe that Mauá within this effort is a new brick in the wall, especially important ”.

The platform

The Mauá platform provides the producer with fundamental information for decision-making in the agricultural business, with real-time data on the weather, prices and products, among other points, but, at the same time, it is a link between the company and the customer, where all transactional information with the company will be visible in a better way with a more comprehensive, transparent and comfortable experience.

But also, one of the main characteristics that development has is its ability to learn. According to the MAUÁ Project consultant, Martin Invernizzi, “these types of platforms learn through use. As we see how it is used, which are the fields that most interest producers, we will be able to make the precise information available for each moment in decision-making.

For this, the project leader, Ianir Sonis, indicated that for the development of the tool, the work team put itself “in the shoes of the producer and with design thinking exercises, we understood what are the challenges that producers have today in their relationship with Los Grobo and we decided to clean them up ”.

“Each screen, each button, each Mauá functionality was designed with the producer at the center. It is the first step in a long roadmap that we have planned. It is the basis that will allow us to introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence tools at the service of the producer so that they can make better decisions ”, Sonis concluded.

Argentina and Mercosur

After the presentation of the tool, the founder of the business group had a talk Enrique Iglesias. There, the economist reflected on world news, but also on the region, giving his opinion on the state of Mercosur and, in particular, on Argentina.

The specialist considered that for Argentina to get out of the pressing situation in which it finds itself, it must reach unity and political agreements. “Seen from the outside, it is very important that there be certain types of political agreements. The country is at war with its economy, with its political balance sheets, and in that war, unity is important. That is lacking, but it has the capacity to do it. In history they have already done it, ”he said.

Regarding Mercosur, of which he saw the beginnings of himself as Uruguay's Minister of Foreign Affairs, he also argued the existence of a lack of unity. “Mercosur constitutes one of the potential examples of expansion in the economic, social and political order of the world. We are in the middle of 4 countries with 300 million inhabitants and with all the natural wealth. The potential it has is spectacular and, in a way, that was the starting point. Not exploiting all that is inconceivable. It has not yet been possible to nurture that potential that nature and history gave us. It's frustrating, ”Iglesias closed.


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