March 19, 2018
Grupo Los Grobo was chosen as the most responsible company with the best corporate governance in its sector
Clarín newspaper and Merco (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor) have announced the 100 best companies in Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance in Argentina. Grupo Los Grobo, leads its sector (Agropecuario), standing above Cargill and Bunge.

In the general ranking, where Arcor, Unilever and Natura occupied the top 3 positions, Los Grobo ranked 56th, climbing 6 places with respect to the last Corporate Responsibility and Governance Ranking conducted in 2016.

Merco, is the benchmark corporate monitor in Latin America and Spain that has been evaluating the reputation of companies since 2000. It is carried out by Analysis and Research (AeI) a market research company. The presence of the companies depends exclusively on the recognition obtained in the survey that includes 10,882 participants divided among 9 groups of experts, namely: financial analysts, economic information journalists, members of consumer associations and unions, representatives of NGOs, experts in CSR, Influencers and Social Media Managers, Merco Consumo (general population) and managers.

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