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November 04, 2019
Gustavo Grobo believes that the new government knows that “Argentina has no way out if it is not with exports“
"Argentina has no way out if it is not with exports," said Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo, in an interview with Bichos de Campo. But we all already knew how this agricultural entrepreneur thinks. The important thing is that he now seems convinced that Alberto Fernández's government thinks exactly the same thing and that therefore he would not impose restrictions as has happened in the past with meat, dairy and wheat.

“One has to believe and trust. Then the facts will tell. I also think that the new government assumes many restrictions. I asked them about whether global restrictions cannot change much of what is desirable, and they minimized it to the issue, saying that exports are essential to overcome any restrictions in the future. So it seems to me that at least they are clear that you cannot attack exports”, Grobocopatel said.

The businessman crossed and talked with the main officials who sound to lead the Ministry of Agriculture from December 10 at the agribusiness symposium organized by the Group of Business Leaders of Argentina (Lide), which brings together CEOs of leading companies. There Grobo moderated a panel with Jorge Neme and Gabriel Delgado, who contribute ideas on agricultural policy for triumphant Peronism in the elections.

"The issue of exports floated all morning in the different participants," Grobo said. And he stressed that “the agribusiness sector is a key sector in Argentina, because it generates foreign exchange. But it is not just an economic issue. If there are no exports, there are no imports, and if there are no imports, there is no industry”, he added.

Grobo said he expects the new Government of Alberto Fernández to maintain that line. “There is a synergy between the agricultural and industrial sector. It is difficult for industry to exist if there are no exports, and there has to be a balance between exports, domestic consumption and industry and field. That is why we hope that the vision and policies of this new government reflect that dynamic”, he said.

Regarding the management of Mauricio Macri, the president of Los Grobo stressed that “one of the examples of success of the last four years was the increase in exports from the sector, where he reacted quickly when his foot was taken from his head”.

“Someone once said that Argentina was like a laboratory. Well, from that lab we have to learn something. We have been through things that must have taught us, ”Grobo added based on the words of INTA economist Gabriel Delgado, who had hinted that Argentina was a laboratory of frustrated economic policies.

About the current situation of the Los Grobo group, the businessman commented that “our company is going through a very interesting period. In the last year it went through a financial restructuring and has greatly improved its operating results. Going forward, we see ourselves as a leading company in a new agricultural development process that has a lot to do with integration with new technologies, with AgTech”.

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