July 13, 2020
Gustavo Grobocopatel and Grupo Los Grobo among the most influential entrepreneurs and companies in our country
During the month of July, the HORSE Consultant released a public image survey with the objective of evaluating the most Influential Companies and Executives in Argentina.

Gustavo Grobocopatel ranks 9th among the leaders with the most influence and best profile, and Grupo Los Grobo ranks 2nd among the companies in the sector, and ranks 62nd in the General Ranking.

The ranking called Influence 100 was built with the evaluation of more than 60 thousand data, analyzed using Big Data technology and collected during the last 12 months based on publications in the media, event sponsorship, participations as a speaker, institutional linkage, awards and recognitions, location in other rankings and influence of the CEO on social networks.

"Influence is the ability of companies and individuals to influence their strategic audiences to achieve their objectives," said Juan Pablo Daniello, founding partner of Horse.

Gustavo Grobocopatel was ranked 9th in the general ranking and 7th in the dimension "Awards and Recognitions" analyzed for CEOs. For its part, Grupo Los Grobo was ranked 2nd in the sectorial ranking for the Agricultural category, 8th in the evaluation of the Dimensions for which "CEO influence" is concerned, and 62nd in the General Ranking of the 100 most influential companies in our country .

“Influence management has become a determining factor for the success of any company in the world. The areas that manage it assume a leading role and face the challenge of measuring the impact of their work and defining the most effective strategy, "added Cristian Marchiaro, also a founding partner of the consultancy.

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