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March 16, 2018
Gustavo Grobocopatel: "Gradualism is more difficult to manage than shock"
The agricultural entrepreneur and CEO of Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, visited the floor of Returning Home and contributed his vision on the direction of the country and the performance of the government of Mauricio Macri. In addition, he reflected on the gradualist path proposed by Cambiemos and stressed the importance of having a "motivating story" to face the harshness of reality. "The story is built with confidence that is gaining from the achievements," he said.

At a time when there are some business sectors that support the direction of the country and also contribute their critical vision of what is missing, how would you describe Argentina 2018 of Argentina 2017 in economic matters?

- One has to be aware that for many decades we have created poverty. We have not found a return to how to create progress and if there is no progress, inclusion is also difficult. My expectation of this period is that it is a page turn. Let's end with these years that we had poverty creation and start a new period of wealth creation and progress. I understand that this government should perceive itself as a transitional government between what happened and what will happen. It does not mean that the next government is another or the same.

- Why do you think that is important?

-We came from a strong experience that was the 12 years of Kirchnerism. In some way, they close a process of many decades where we explore different issues and I think this government is something new. It is not Peronism or radicalism. One does not know very well if it is of right because from the social point of view, it puts more twine than those that are said of left. They have a more modern approach that I hope will be consolidated and deepened. This government will drag the creation of a new Peronist or neo-Peronist opposition that is also aligned with these ideas of progress.

-They have been in government for 2 years. Do you think that path is sufficiently outlined?

-There are some strong ideas. The republican system is being strengthened. The Congress is more active. It is discussed, laws are voted, others are rejected. The judicial system would give the impression that it is more active, that it is not slowed down. It can go to one side or the other but it would give the impression that there is more "freedom". The Executive Branch has more focus on management. It is criticized for being a government of CEOS. Behind that, there are people who are used to management, accountable and more transparent. The big problem that we have, and that is still pending, is a disease whose symptom is poverty: lack of competitiveness. This puts us out and makes the issue of progress and inclusion difficult. The gradualism of the Government is something positive as a whole. Gradualism requires patience. It is more difficult to manage gradualism than shock. The gradualism is to be up minute by minute making small adjustments so that the ship does not go away. And there the Government in some places does it very well, in others more or less and in others it does not do it well.

-Investments do not occur. Is this in response to the same speed with which the government gradually offers the changes then will the investments come gradually? Can a proportionality be established between the two?

-A part yes. Gradual changes make incentives for investment also more gradual. In shocks, you achieve artificial competitiveness with a devaluation. Here is not that shortcut. Competitiveness will come from investment, education and issues that have been around for several years. It is difficult to invite a businessman to invest if he does not win what he feels he has to earn.

- What else does gradualism lack?

-Requires fine tuning and patience but also a motivating story. Because to endure the time it takes, you have to be thinking that you're going for something big. A feat of transformation to put Argentina among the ten best countries in the world. That is something that the Government and also the businessmen lack. We are still stunned in this crisis. The stories are constructed with realities and ideas. Pure idea in the end people suspect. The story is built with confidence that is gained from the realizations, the things of every day.

- Do you agree with the President that the field responded to him?

-I think so. The field, when removing the foot, responded because it went from 120 to 137 million tons. The sale of agricultural machinery, supplies and technology is a record. The consumption of fertilizers increased. The freight rates of the trucks increased. There is a huge activity that was mobilized. More pick-ups are sold. Argentina is the country of the pick-ups in the world. That was reactivated but I'm not happy with this. We are living from technologies that we developed 20 years ago. Now we have to develop new generation technologies.

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