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November 20, 2020
Gustavo Grobocopatel was distinguished with the Doctorate Honoris Causa by the University of Concepción del Uruguay
The ceremony took place yesterday with a virtual meeting broadcast through the UCU institutional channel on YouTube.

After receiving the distinction, Grobocopatel gave a Doctoral Conference on "Sustainable Development in Times of Uncertainty".

“The ideas and contents of sustainable development are rapidly transforming in these uncertain, turbulent times of fear. This dynamic is not a novelty in the history of mankind, but it takes on unique characteristics, never experienced before, and therefore requires the development of new capacities ”were some of the passages of his speech, in which the call to action: “Sustainability is related, and in the future it will be even more so, with a broader, more inclusive and inclusive We. It will require new commitments and challenges in terms of doing with Others ”.

In addition, he referred to the challenge that companies and entrepreneurs will have in this context: “The company is a creative, dynamic form of organization that creates value. But not just any company. I am talking about the company that has a vocation to transform the people who inhabit it: its talents, its clients, its suppliers and its shareholders. The porous company, with diffuse limits, that impacts and is impacted by society ”.

Finally, he concluded: “Progress is useless if it does not generate happiness and inclusion. If institutions and politics do not serve such high ends, it must be rethought, redesigned, to put them at the service of the people ”.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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