December 28, 2021
“In Argentina we are doing biotechnology of the highest world level”
In an interview with SOMOS PYMES Radio (La Red AM 910, Sundays from 6 to 7 hours), Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo, reviewed the year for the Argentine countryside and called not to lose hope based on capital human we possess.

"We are a team that is driven by a vision and a search for quality, excellence and competitiveness, which is the only way to do sustainable business over time," said the businessman about the company's progress over the years.

"We are more than 700 people who work directly and about 5,000 clients -a majority of small agricultural producers-, plus 3,000 service providers," he graphed.

"Companies today are defined not only by those who are inside but also by their suppliers, who are necessary to make the company," he explained in that sense.

"We are operating mainly in the province of Buenos Aires, but we also have a presence in Córdoba and La Pampa, some of Santa Fe and we are growing a lot in Entre Ríos," described the benchmark for agribusiness.

And he explained: "We are a company that originates raw materials, of which a part is exported. But most of our commodities go to processors that are in charge of exporting those products or send them to the domestic market."

"Los Grobo's strength is not exporting but rather providing services to producers and creating a way to make competitive products with very high quality," Grobocopatel underlined.

In another section of the talk, the expert referred to the authorization by the Government of Brazil for the entry of Argentine transgenic wheat.

It is about the project of the Universidad del Litoral about the application of sunflower genes to wheat and other crops, which thus develop a greater tolerance to drought.

"In this way, more can be produced in situations of hydric stress. It is key for a sector such as the field that faces the challenge of climate change and of producing more and better," said the head of Los Grobo in the program that Carlos Manzoni, editor of "Economía" in the newspaper La Nación conducts.

"For me it is one of the most outstanding news that has been in recent years. The particularity is that it is a discovery of Argentine scientists," said the businessman.

According to the expert, "in Argentina we are doing biotechnology at the highest level in the world and we make a great contribution to global technological development. It is something to make us very happy."

Looking at what is going to happen in the sector during 2022, Grobocopatel (photo) pointed out: "The wheat production has been very good and the doubts are in the production of corn and soybeans. In two months we are going to know what might happen. "

"In Argentina (agricultural) production has been stagnant for seven years. This is a yellow light because we should be producing much more than we are doing now," exclaimed the ruralista.

"This happens because the economy of the producer is highly conditioned by the payment of taxes and withholdings, which mean that all the technology that must be used is not used. It is a foot that is put on top of the head of the ruralista," he clarified .

"If we could resolve this issue, we would be producing at least 20 or 30 percent more and that would bring benefits both for producers and for the country, which will be able to collect more and generate more opportunities," said the businessman.

And he advised: "Argentina has to transform its raw materials into products with added value. This is what the world is asking for. This is not going through the wrong policies that have been seen for a long time."

"The day we can solve this we are going to have an explosion of investment, production, foreign exchange earnings and job creation. Our leaders must turn the page and set out on a path towards progress," he concluded. →

Automatic translation from spanish.

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