May 02, 2022
Infobae Talks - employer brand: what are the latest trends in the Argentine labor market
In the latest edition of Infobae's online program, experts and leaders from the leading companies in the market shared their secrets and proposals to build their image, attract talent and grow.

In a hyperconnected and technological world, which is gradually coming out of the pandemic, the labor market is agitated and evolving. The new modalities are imposed and human capital continues to be essential.

Employer brand is a concept that encompasses the image, attributes, principles, culture and other characteristics that a company offers to its employees, both current and future, as well as its position vis-à-vis society in general.

This constant construction of the organization often determines the success of the projects, the work environment, the possibility of incorporating technology, of combining different generations under the same objective, solving problems, developing professionally, retaining talent and empowering leaders.

Just as the old and famous Spanish saying proclaims "tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are", circumscribed to the world of work, one could say: "Tell me who you work with and I'll tell you who you are".

“Infobae Talks: Employer Brand” is the online program aimed at learning in depth what companies are doing to generate their work culture, the new work spaces and the criteria with which they attract and retain talent.

Time for change

Immersed in the agro-industrial sector of our country, Grupo Los Grobo participated in "Infobae Talks - employer brand", explaining how a digital transformation is being carried out in the company, but also in the Argentine countryside.

In this sense, Sandro Cosentino, Head of Talent Development; Institutional Relations; Environment, Safety and Hygiene of Grupo Los Grobo, explained that the technological change in agriculture has been taking place for ten years with direct sowing, the improvement of crops through applied technology and much more; but that nevertheless these changes had not occurred within the organizations.

“To think that this change was not going to happen in agriculture was almost illogical. The pandemic accelerated everything and about a year ago we began a one-way journey: we developed a digital transformation program called 'Los Grobo 4.0', where the change is internal," he said.

“Today, two entire generations of digital natives coexist within organizations and those same generations are your potential clients, suppliers, service providers and others. Not changing is illogical because you become obsolete”.

To carry out this change, the group coined a new concept to launch the business project where all workers are involved. They formed teams to develop different initiatives and identified processes with four axes: omnichannel, marketing, culture and institutional relations and processes.

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