April 22, 2022
Infobae Talks Employer Brand: what companies seek and offer their work teams
New labor structures are a constant challenge in the labor market. In this new installment of the Infobae cycle, the keys to not being left out of this change will be known.

Remote work, sustainable environment, diversity, inclusion, innovation, proactivity, well-being, training, initiative and many more concepts are those that today resonate through the corridors of the labor market.

This arises, first of all, because companies and workers had to quickly adapt to the new work structures generated by the pandemic, where the challenges are increasingly dynamic and each one seeks different objectives and benefits.

Fluid communication between each member of the team became a sine qua non condition to progress and not fall by the wayside.

The vast majority of companies agree that their most important capital is human and the work teams that are formed, which is why it is key to create spaces where each individual can develop their full potential, grow and feel part of a whole while remaining be yourself.

To get to know these new work spaces in depth, the criteria with which employers encourage their workers and attract talent, a new edition of "Infobae Talks: employer brand" is coming, the cycle that will be led by the journalist Agostina Scioli and will be broadcast through the web and social networks of Infobae, on April 29 at 3:00 p.m.

Other changes in labor supply and demand began to occur with the entry of millennials and centennials into jobs.

According to Great Place To Work (GPTW), "millennials are, from their very essence, a digital and hyper-connected generation that is distinguished by its high ethical and social values."

This is where the concepts of sustainability, care for the environment, animal welfare, pollution reduction and creative space, among others, come in, for example.

A clear example of the current concern of young people in the face of climate change is the mobilization that will take place today in the Congress of the Argentine Nation, within the framework of World Earth Day, where they will demand a National Law of Wetlands and a transition towards an agroecological production model.

It is in this way that millennials look for work to be online and associated with their ethical purposes, in other words: 360° well-being.

To retrace this labor evolution, five firms will participate in "Infobae Talks: employer brand", where spokespersons from Arcos Dorados, Los Grobo, mAbxience, MODO, Movistar and Prisma Medios de Pago will detail how they generate agile work methodologies, at the same time that they develop vital areas of the market (such as the technology sector) and manage to attract young talent with these ethical and moral demands.

Inclusion initiatives, gender diversity and well-being are other fundamental axes when it comes to promoting the work environment and designing value propositions, where everyone feels included and motivated to develop their maximum potential. →

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