January 03, 2019
Interested in Argentine wheat, Brazilian millers visited the southeast and southwestern Buenos Aires
It is estimated that Brazilians would buy between 5 and 7 million tons in Argentina, of which 3 million will leave Buenos Aires.

The Ministry of Agribusiness of Buenos Aires, along with the Arbitration Chamber of the Grain Exchange, toured lots of wheat from Buenos Aires together with a group of 10 Brazilian millers interested in observing the quality of the wheat for the purchase they are going to make during this End of cycle and all year 2019.

Of all the fine Buenos Aires harvest (wheat, barley and rye) from December 1 that began the threshing until 30 of the same month, US $ 2,500 million would be entering, both in purchases of the neighboring country and the Argentine mills. This is a record amount in Buenos Aires that generates the fine harvest in 2018.

Minister Leonardo Sarquís stressed that "in these 3 years we managed to develop a quality map in order to sell the product to new external markets. From this initiative, the producer has more information about their cultivation, which expands their insertion channels".

"For the third year in a row, we also put at the service of the producer the free analysis of the quality of their wheats and we did more than 15 training seminars, promoting the planting of this cereal. With Governor Vidal and the entire team, we know that agribusiness is the engine of the economy and a generator of genuine employment", he added.

During the visit, the Buenos Aires residents showed the competitive, quality and logistics advantages of local wheat. "We went from producing 12 million tons to 19, taking into account that there are other competitors in the market such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Russia, Canada and the United States," the minister said.

The tour that made the industrialists of the neighboring country began on December 4. They visited two lots with wheat cultivation on Route 88 in Necochea. The next day, they were present at the Quequén terminal elevator and its new facilities. Then they moved to the city of Tres Arroyos, where they observed another lot with wheat cultivation on Route 228 and participated in a meeting with the Center of Acopiadores of that city.

On the 6th, in the city of Tandil, they traveled - in the Estancia San Lorenzo of certified agriculture - a lot of 700 hectares of wheat that in approximately 10 days will be harvested. The tour in the city of Azul culminated with the tour of another batch of wheat in an agricultural establishment and the visit to a mill.

Accompanied the representatives of the Brazilian milling companies, the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Buenos Aires, Miguel Tezanos Pinto; the president of the Arbitration Chamber of the Grain Exchange, Javier Buján; Miguel Di Rosso and Gabriel L Gavarrino, from the Arbitration Chamber; Armando Casalins, from the Acopiadores Federation; the and runner Juan Pablo Gutiérrez.

The Brazilian millers represented the companies FRISIA, Los Grobo, Cruzeiro Do Sul, Paulista, COAMO, Nordeste, ABITRIGO Brazil and OCRIM, among others.

"The aim of these agrotours jointly organized by the State and the private sector is to reestablish the confidence lost in previous years and to prove that Argentina has the volume and quality of wheat demanded by Brazilian demand," said Tezanos Pinto.

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