July 20, 2021
Los Grobo already has a new CEO: who he chose and where does he come from
The agricultural giant had been without a general manager for two months, after the resignation of Jorge Arpí. The chosen one has 30 years of experience in companies in various industries, from electronics and construction, to energy and petrochemicals. What national groups did he work for.

Grupo Los Grobo announced the incorporation of Enrique Flaiban as the new CEO. The executive, a national public accountant by training, will be in charge of all the business of the company, currently controlled by the Victoria Capital fund.

He will succeed Jorge Arpí, who resigned from the company two months ago, to continue his career abroad. In 2017, he had assumed the leadership of the group founded in Carlos Casares by Adolfo Grobocopatel, Gustavo's father, who also left his direct relationship with the company in October last year to settle in Colonia, Uruguay.

"With more than 30 years of experience in first-line companies, he held positions of great responsibility both in the country and abroad. He is a committed professional, with leadership capacity and a strong vocation for teamwork, focused on results and with a clear strategic vision, "said Los Grobo, in the statement of his appointment.

"In the last four years, he held the position of general manager at Petrocuyo and also served for five years as executive director of Ecogas. He also held different positions of responsibility in companies such as Grupo Newsan; E.ON Spain, the United States and Germany. ; GA; Sideco Americana in Argentina and Brazil; and Arthur Andersen", he added.

Petrocuyo belongs to the Sielecki family; Ecogas has Nicolás Caputo among its shareholders and Sideco Americana was one of Socma's main companies. It was even in those that Mauricio Macri had the most involvement, before leaving under the wing of his father, Franco, in the mid-1990s. Newsan, meanwhile, is the largest local manufacturer of electronics and appliances. It belongs to Rubén Cherñajovsky.

In this way, the company ends the interim period that Santiago Cotter, current president of Grupo Los Grobo, had served as CEO.

With 35 years of experience, Los Grobo is one of the largest agricultural companies in Argentina and the region. Of 675 employees, it has 220,000 hectares in production and 2 million tons collected per year. It has 13 grain conditioning plants, with a physical capacity of 260,000 tons; seven professional seed processing plants and 420 tons of flours per day processed in its flour mill.

In its nine-month fiscal year closed on March 31, Los Grobo Agropecuaria, the group's flagship, had a turnover of $ 33,381.9 million, against $ 25,278.29 million accumulated a year earlier. Gross profit exceeded $ 6,000 million, from the $ 4,707 million recorded up to March 2020. However, the final result for the year was negative in both cases. As of March 2021, it lost $ 1,197.67 million, slightly below the red of $ 1,728.67 million in the same period of the previous year.

However, in the first quarter of 2021 there was an impact of the improvement in international prices: it earned $ 392.16 million, which contrasts with the loss of $ 737.13 million registered in the initial three months of 2020.

In nine months, the company reported, it accumulated 1.58 million tons of traded grains, up from 1.23 million a year earlier. "We plan to achieve the defined growth and exceed 2 million tons in the year. The prices and volatility of agricultural commodities allow us to maximize the unit margin," he reported in his balance sheet.

"In the area of ​​agricultural production, we will be closing the 2021 production cycle with an area that is in the order of 238,000 hectares, in association with third parties, such as clients, landowners, service providers among others, consolidating a own participation of 45% on the total surface", added.

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