April 04, 2022
Los Grobo continues with its expansion and growth plan
Los Grobo, a leading company in the provision of products, services and knowledge for the food chain of the country and the region present in Tres Arroyos, announced days ago the inauguration of its integrated services center in Laboulaye, Córdoba, with the aim of continuing with the expansion plan within Argentina and consolidate the presence in said province.

In dialogue with Radio 3, Emanuel Bodega Duckwitz, commercial manager of the firm that has 35 years of experience, 33 branches, 250,000 hectares of production, and 2.5 million tons collected per year, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of Los Grobo in recent years. "In a way, this event marks a milestone and reaffirms an ambitious plan for the area that we proposed three years ago and that will run until 2025," he said.

The reasons for the success are based, according to Bodega, on the intelligent adaptation to different places and cultures and the constant transformation of the business. «Before it was a company that produced and now it is one that integrates with the producers. The idea is to arrive with a similar value proposition to the places, but we know that each region and place of reference have their particularities. We seek to adapt businesses to generate fruitful links », he concluded.

In this sense, Gustavo Van Strien, representative of Los Grobo in Tres Arroyos, confirmed this trend, highlighting the situation that the company has experienced in the area since its arrival in 2018. “We have been growing steadily. The objective is to work together with the producer and advise technically and commercially. We try to cover as much as possible so that the relationship with the producer is more fluid », he commented.

At the close, Gustavo Van Strien recalled that producers who seek to grow and expand come to know the Grobo proposal. "You'll be welcome. Our way of working brought very good results and for that we are very happy », he concluded. →

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