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May 01, 2019
Los Grobo is rearranged to double its turnover by 2022
Grupo Los Grobo made a presentation where it showed its plan of readjustment with which it intends to double its turnover and raise it to more than one billion dollars per year by mid-2022.

Grupo Los Grobo (led by the investment group "Victoria Capital Partners" and Gustavo and Matilde Grobocopatel) revealed its reorganization plan that includes a five-year process that will end in mid-2022.

The shareholders poured a capital contribution of one hundred million dollars as part of their Strategic Plan. During the first two years of the plan, the company exceeded its financial and operational goals.

In 2013, the group acquired the phytosanitary company Agrofina, which today represents 43% of its operating cash. The last capitalization was exclusively aimed at debt reduction and some seventy million were turned over to the herbicide company, since the debt structure (currency, term, etc.) was the heaviest with which the holding company had.

The management of weeds, diseases and pests has been changing in recent years and producers are now fighting resistances with selective herbicides and not just glyphosate. The shareholder's bet is based on achieving double their global turnover (with Agrofina at the top) since in 2017 their sales were for U.S. $ 525 million and by 2022 they expect to reach U.S. $ 1011 million.

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