May 04, 2022
“Los Grobo makes money available to its employees, through Campo Social, to help institutions”
“Campo Social is our Corporate Volunteer program, the employees are in charge of presenting the projects of institutions to which they are linked, for example by being part of a cooperative. This year 17 projects were presented and 5 were favored”, said María Cuesta, in charge of institutional communication for Los Grobo, in an interview with Alicia Santos on Radio Centro 1007 mhz (by Carlos Casares).

What is the Corporate Field program about?

“Campo Social” is our Corporate Volunteering program, it is a program that we have been implementing from Los Grobo for 15 years, at first it was coordinated by the Rural Entrepreneurship Foundation and then it was decided that we coordinate it internally from the communication area and from the talent management area because the decision is made by the people who work at Los Grobo

The company makes an amount of money available to them, this year it was $600,000, so that the company's workers themselves make the decision which institution in their community to help.
This is a program that is not only done for Carlos Casares, our company has 34 branches in the Province of Buenos Aires, south of Santa Fe, Córdoba and Entre Ríos.

How is the presentation of the project of the institution?

We ask for the presentation of the project in a certain format and only 5 projects are chosen to finance and carry them out. The collaborators are in charge of presenting the projects of institutions with which they are linked, for example of parents who are in a cooperative or who belong to a club or group.
That project goes to a jury and they choose only 5 of those projects presented and finally it is executed

What projects are the beneficiaries in this 2022?

In Casares, a Garden 901 project was favored, it was through one of the parents, and it is for repairs that have to be made after suffering damage from a strong storm in March.

Another project was for the Civil Association "El Abrazo de la Madre Teresa" of San Miguel del Monte and is for the construction of a comprehensive space that functions as a Permanent Home for people with disabilities, thus solving the existing shelter problem.

The Bartolomé Miter School in Villa del Totoral, Jesús María: benefited from the purchase of some 50 small self-supporting lecterns so that students can go on educational outings to various emblematic places in the town and feel like “Artists for a Day”.

Later, in Chivilcoy, the Picnic Area "Los Pekes" presented the project for the construction of a barbecue area that provides shelter, shelter and shade on days when the weather is bad and thus does not have to suspend the activity of the picnic area. It is a civil organization that has been operating for more than 10 years in a neighborhood of workers and humble families.

Lastly, the Colectivo Censo Sur, from Lomas de Zamora: where the objective of the project is to set up community showers so that homeless people can use them. In addition, a washing machine, backpacks and underwear will be purchased for the people who attend these community showers and with the surplus, supplies will be purchased (thermos, glasses, plastic cups, etc.) to be able to continue providing breakfast and lunch.

There were 17 projects that applied but 5 were chosen, many more were presented than in previous years and it involves about 70 people who work in the company and we are looking at ways to collaborate with others

Once the projects are selected, how long does it take to get your prize?

We launched the project at the beginning of March and they had all that month to present it, in April the winners were chosen and we are already working on the implementation. Then we monitor the execution of the project through the company's employees. →

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