May 08, 2019
Los Grobo opened its branch in Tres Arroyos
This Tuesday afternoon, the new Los Grobo service center was inaugurated in Tres Arroyos. It is located at Av. General Mosconi 485 and the person in charge is Gustavo van Strien. Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo, was present, accompanied by the CEO, Jorge Arpi.

Grobocopatel highlighted the company's 35 years of experience and success throughout the country. "We do not only do field business but we collaborate with the development of society, as a whole. Our expectation is in this important place, Tres Arroyos is one of the largest agricultural areas in the country, and being present here for us is a challenge and we hope to achieve what we have managed to do in the rest of the places in Tres Arroyos. where we were, "he said.

While Arpi gave details of the services that the company will provide: "We have 7 business areas, but 4 are the main ones of the company. The first one has a company that produces, distributes and sells crop protection products called Agrofina, then we have an activity selling inputs in our branches, we sell seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals, we have an associated production business, we develop productive activity together with local partners in all cases, and then the traditional collection functions, we provide services in our structure, we provide logistics, we market and work together with our customers to maximize the value of their production ".

"We already have 10 local producers with whom we are doing business, we hope that from now on there will be many more," added Grobocopatel.

Finally van Strien said: "From now on, after the opening, that there is an exponential growth, therefore we are inviting all producers who come, to know the structure of Los Grobo and I will be here to advise them and achieve the best business. "

The commercial hours of attention to the public will be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

After concluding the press conference, Carlos Sánchez Negrete, of the General Company of the Term, gave a talk on "Perspectives of the World Granary Markets".

The activity was closed with an informal dinner and toast.

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