March 20, 2021
Los Grobo promotes digital agriculture
With the name of Mauá, Los Grobo will have a network platform to integrate its services.

Digital agriculture attracts more and more participants. Next Tuesday the firm Los Grobo will present its digital platform called Mauá.

"It is in homage to the Barón de Mauá who in the 19th century was a relevant protagonist in the creation of a renewed entrepreneurialism", explains Gustavo Grobocopatel, a member of the company. "Mauá represents the values ​​of the entrepreneurial, innovative business community, involved with development and progress, committed to high human values, not afraid of global competition and integrated into the world from its culture and potential," he adds.

For the executive, "this launch is a relevant milestone within a series of initiatives that the company has been developing more intensely for three years with the incorporation of new ERP (management systems), BI (Business Intelligence) and the modernization of its technological infrastructure ”, he affirms.

The purpose of the new platform is to facilitate the flow of information and knowledge between the organization and its customers, suppliers and the community in general.

The platform, explains Grobocopatel, "provides tools for more efficient and effective management, simplifying access to more transparent, timely, easily accessible information, with great emphasis on user experience." For this, it has a web and mobile application, "the first of its kind in the sector", highlights the businessman. "We want to accompany them wherever and whenever they want," he says.

The digital platform is "the result of a collective process; it is born from the needs of the producers and the commercial network, it has been nurtured by the different visions of the leaders of the sector and the Los Grobo team and various suppliers actively participated in its construction. The most relevant were technology-based companies in the interior of Buenos Aires, from the public and private sectors, ”adds Grobocopatel.

For the executive “Mauá is projected as a fundamental tool in turbulent and uncertain times, and is integrated into a technological convergence that includes, in addition to AI, machine and deep learning, the Internet of things, biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, agriculture precision, blockchain, fintech, ecommerce ”.

These changes, he interprets, “must be seen in the context of climate change, water scarcity and a world with more technology in which nature is integrated, in harmony with us; changes in consumer habits; renewed role of the nation-state and its link with others, and new ways of life and socialization driven by the pandemic.


Automatic translation from spanish.

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