April 04, 2018
Modern fields
Pablo Bramajo, Systems Manager of Los Grobo, the main Argentine agroindustrial group and one of the largest in Latin America, speaks.

Los Grobo is an Argentine economic group with a focus on agroindustrial food production and export. It is the first producer of wheat of Argentina and the second of soy, and that is why Gustavo Grobocopatel, owner of the corporation, has received the nickname "King of Soy".

The company Los Grobo Agropecuaria has carried out several digital projects that revolutionized the way of working with data to optimize the sowing and cultivation processes. "We transform the entire information layer, from satellites to drones, into operational data to be applied in the field, strongly impacting costs, knowing what and where to apply," says Pablo Bramajo, Systems Manager of Los Grobo.

Bramajo mentions Grobosoft, an app that runs on Android computers, allowing producers to upload data in the field and for this information to be synchronized instantly with the company's management system.

Before, the process was manual and the detection of inconveniences could take hours. Now, any Los Grobo engineer who notices an irregularity in the field captures an image with his or her georeferenced smartphone or tablet, and from the application the order can be given so that the area is fumigated or the necessary supplies are purchased, speeding up each stage of process.

"This app -says Bramajo- models all the productive processes. It starts in the planning of the harvest, continues in the production -determining what we apply and what is not-, in the management of costs (what suppliers we will use); and all that helps us monitor what the yield projection and profitability of that crop is."

Published in "Perspectiva Digital" The digital magazine of Practia for the world of business and technology:

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