April 11, 2023
Novozymes joins Los Grobo to promote the use of biologicals in professional seed treatment
The Danish company, world leader in organic products, participates in the action promoted by the Los Grobo group to find the best professional treatment for soybeans in search of better yields, without losing sight of the sustainability of the system.

In the first week of March, a meeting was held between Los Grobo and 10 companies to test different professional treatments on soybeans, focusing on biological products. During the current 2022-23 campaign, the crops planted in 5 locations are being monitored with the treatments chosen by each company to be evaluated, now waiting for the crop to complete its cycle. ¨The objective of the action promoted by Grupo Los Grobo is not only to find the best treatments but also to activate communication in the sector about these products, trying to learn among all the links in the chain¨, comments the agronomist engineer Guillermo Alonso, adviser group technician.

Professional seed treatment is a controlled industrial process that allows, seed by seed, to ensure that each unit can express its full potential with adequate nutrition and protection, reducing deficiencies that usually arise in conventional treatment. Alonso explains: ¨In Argentina, this practice has a positive trend since the benefits for the producer are increasing, in the last campaign we produced 250,000 bags of soybeans with professional treatment, and we are going for more, we are proud to deliver bags seed certificates where the client has the security and guarantee of the efficiency of the treatments and the compatibility of the products that make them up, quality of the seeds, uniformity of application, high field survival and quantity of colony-forming units, in in the case of bacteria; among other benefits.

Asked about the main challenges seen in the sector, in terms of production, Alonso adds: ¨As a company we are constantly seeking to achieve sustainable agriculture. With these actions we focus on biological products or derivatives of living beings, since in the field we observe that products derived from petroleum break down, generating resistance. As producers we have to take these processes very seriously and preserve the efficacy of these products that are currently used. We feel an urgent need to know, learn and communicate about what biological products are and how they are used; In my opinion, starting to use these offensively and not defensively is one of the first steps.

The treatment that Novozymes carried out in this action - indicates Gisela Santella, Novozymes portfolio development manager - consists of three products, the Optimize 200 Duo inoculant that contains two genera of bacteria, Bradyrhizobium and Azospirillum, which allows efficient nodulation complemented by the growth-promoting action of Azospirillum, which stimulates root development, improving the absorption of nutrients and water, and also contributing greater biomass to the soil. The remarkable thing about this product is that it has a seed survival of up to 60 days post inoculation, which is very interesting for the producer and the industry because it improves logistics for both links. In addition, the Jumpstart Liquid growth promoter and phosphorus solubilizer was added in its new formulation and UPL's Rancona Dimension product, which acts as a fungicide.

¨This initiative was very important for us since it gives us the opportunity to communicate about the application of the products, about the importance of visualizing, in addition to the yield, the benefits that are not always observed, such as the health of the crop, the best development , the increase in biomass and organic matter contributed to the soil, all aspects of great importance during the crop cycle¨, adds Santella and analyzes: ¨We are convinced that collaboration is the way to generate results, share knowledge, communicate it, and detect new opportunities to continue working between the two companies in pursuit of the sustainability of the system¨.

About Novozymes

Novozymes is the world leader in biologic solutions. Together with customers, collaborators and the global community, we improve industrial performance, while preserving the planet's resources and helping to build better lives. As the world's largest provider of enzymatic and microbial technologies, our biological innovation enables higher agricultural yields, low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production, renewable fuels, and many other benefits we depend on now and will depend on in the future. .
We call it "Rethinking Tomorrow."

About The Grobo

With more than 35 years of experience in the agricultural sector, the group is a leader in the provision of inputs, services, grain marketing and knowledge within the food chain. It has 35 branches and 16 storage and processing plants strategically located in 5 Argentine provinces, through which 2.5 million tons of grains are marketed and more than 260,000 hectares of associated crops are managed. Likewise, through Agrofina, it develops, produces and markets agrochemicals through a distribution network of more than 400 points with coverage throughout the country. Through its digital platform Mauá, more than 3,000 producers access information in a timely manner and useful to manage their activity and promote innovation and technology in agriculture.

The group has more than 700 collaborators throughout the country. As of June 30, 2022, its consolidated sales amounted to USD 820 million and Ebitda was USD 71.4 million. Currently, the shareholding control of the company is in charge of the Victoria Capital Partners (VCP) Investment Fund, 76%, while the remaining 24% belongs to Gustavo and Matilde Grobocopatel. The company recently obtained the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification, as one of the best places to work in Argentina.

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