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December 14, 2017
Argentina facing the XXI century challenges
Gustavo Grobocopatel's (President of Grupo Los Grobo) speech, during the 11º Conference of the World Organization of Trade. Tuesday, December 12º, 2017. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Argentina, we are slightly more than 40 million inhabitants, and we produce enough food for 400 million, ten times our population.

Our potential to produce food in the next five years will grow to 15 or 20 times, according to different organizations.

We can go through this process, sustainablmannery, in harmony with nature, including people and creating well-being for the stakeholders.

We need all kinds of investment, in R&D, infrastructure, logistics or education, to produce public assets and institutions assuring more certainty and fewer risks to the business.

Argentina frente a los desafíos del siglo XXI

The coming world will be very different from ours today. Nearly imperceptibly, it will get transformed as a result of technological convergence and its impact on people and society operation.

Biotechnology will transform plants, which will resemble machines using renewable energy, such as solar energy, without emitting CO2, but absorbing it;

Microbiology will let us tame microorganisms and put them to work to achieve our objectives;

In the farms, we will live together with robots, which will perform the less-liked tasks by humans; and logistics will be more efficient due to Uberization of cargo transportation.

Precision agriculture, integrating aerospatial technologies, electronics, Big Data and Data Analysis, Machine Learning, IoT and traditional farming, will lower costs and reduce the impact on nature.

Precision agriculture will guide the transformation of agriculture and stockbreeding.

Our country and our region are eagerly preparing for this new world. Entrepreneurs, from here and all over the world, will have in these lands a place for the future.

We need to integrate into the world to genuinely realize and quickly spread these benefits.

We need to forward the negotiations regarding trading in agribusiness, eliminate agribusiness subsidies and barriers affecting commerce.

We can become the supermarket of the world by extending value chains and diversifying exports; thus, benefiting Ourselves and, especially, world consumers, who will have more food supplies of better quality.

Without integration, this visión will only be a utopia or just a desire.

Comerce is progress, and comerce unites people and nations; comerce contributes to peace.

Being integrated into the world means much more the exchange of goods and services. It also means the transfer of tacit knowledge and collective construction.

We must take into account that economic integration is enabled by cultural integration. Culture and commerce are a virtuous association that we shall nurture.

Commerce, in the XXI century, is not only “selling fish” but “teaching how to fish." Our knowledge of what and how to produce food could be advantage ous in rural areas of underdeveloped countries.

FTAs should not be only agreements on production exclusively related to aspects of the economy. They should give a new framework to create opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Why  should we not think of the possibility of companies related to Asian or European agribusiness in our Pampa? Or even new French farmers as there were 100 years ago.

Trasnationalization of companies, their relocation and their integration to global networks is the way to solve interest conflicts threatening, with poor sights, to delay the necessary agreements.

We need to create joint companies or integrate value chains. We need to be more global, multicultural, and a new version of Ourselves.

Farmers and company owners from Europe, Asia, and anywhere else in the world should know that Argentina is waiting for them to become together the performers of a new green industrial revolution, which will make people freer, more autonomous, employable, entrepreneurial, healthy and humanitarian.

In essence, trade facilitation is a way to happiness."

Gustavo Grobocopatel's (President of Grupo Los Grobo) speech.
During the 11º Conference of the World Organization of Trade.
Tuesday, December 12º, 2017. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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