November 12, 2019
Order of Branco River. Brazil decorated producer Gustavo Grobocopatel
The agricultural entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel, the executive Isela Costantini and Manuel Ruiz Díaz were awarded the insignia of the Order of the Branco River, granted by the Government of Brazil.

The ceremony was held last Wednesday at the headquarters of the Brazilian embassy, ​​and the person in charge of granting the distinction was the Brazilian ambassador to Argentina, Sergio F. Danese.

The three personalities received the badge for the interlocution that each one has maintained with the neighboring country as a contribution for the performance of commercial relations and for the action of Brazilian diplomacy. "Wear it as a symbol of the ties that bind you so strongly to Brazil and the intense fraternity among our countries, a fraternity that, with your thought, work and dedicated friendship, you help to consolidate, celebrate and project, with hope and confidence, in our common future, "said Danese.

Personalities from the diplomatic, business and academic field participated in the event. The ambassador referred to Grobocopatel as "an Argentine businessman with a strong academic vocation, who has revealed himself to be a great friend of Brazil and a strong promoter of bilateral economic integration." He added: "Your contribution is an invaluable contribution to our relationship in general, with your personal commitment and long-term strategic vision in favor of the increasingly intense integration of our economies."

On the badge of the Order of the Baron of Rio Branco, with which they were decorated, the motto "Ubique Patriae Memor" is engraved, which in Spanish means "Wherever I am, I will always remember the Homeland".

The Rio Branco Order was created in 1963 to honor both Brazilians and foreigners who have made a significant contribution to Brazil or to that country's international relations with its region. The Baron of Rio Branco, national hero and patron of Brazilian diplomacy, gives that order, which bears his name, the solemn meaning attributed to him by the Brazilian State and each of the Brazilian diplomats.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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