April 03, 2019
Country present: Social inclusion initiatives contest
The Banco de la Nación Argentina Foundation (FBNA) will carry out, for the first time, a national call to identify and strengthen concrete initiatives in the area of social inclusion.

The "PAIS PRESENTE" competition, organized by the FBNA, aims to help non-profit organizations that work on projects that affect the welfare and quality of life of vulnerable populations.

To fulfill this objective, the Foundation invites all institutions that are formally constituted, to present a concrete initiative in which they are working and that needs financial support to deepen its impact and expand or replicate its scope.

"PRESENT COUNTRY" will reach all provinces, including the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and will finance up to 46 initiatives of $ 230,000 each.

The theme of the contest is social inclusion, focusing on initiatives aimed at addressing problems or opportunities for development in vulnerable populations and / or at risk of social exclusion, emphasizing the promotion of fundamental rights and access to equality opportunities for children, young girls and adolescents; adults and seniors; women, original communities, people with disabilities, and other groups facing similar situations.

From April 1 to May 12, all organizations can present their project by going to: or through the Foundation's website:

The process of evaluation and selection of the postulated initiatives will take place during the month of May and will be in charge of an evaluation committee led by FBNA and authorities of the Banco de la Nación Argentina, in alliance with the social investment platform and collective impact Potenciar Comunidades.

Once the winning organizations and initiatives have been selected, the results will be communicated in the month of June through the website of the call and the corresponding agreements will be signed.


About Fundación Banco de la Nación Argentina (FBNA)

FBNA is a non-profit institution created in 1981, on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Banco de la Nación Argentina. Supports and implements sustainable projects that respond to specific problems, generates strategic alliances with civil associations, foundations and companies, among others and develops its own projects focused on three areas of work: education and training for work, health and social inclusion through sports and culture.

About Potenciar Comunidades

Potenciar Comunidades is a Methodological Platform that facilitates the design and implementation of collaborative strategies for Social Investment, Territorial Development and Collective Impact. He has a history of more than 12 years in Latin America. Its strategy focuses on the opportunities to do with others, while at the same time seeking to transform those actors who articulate around a challenge or common territory into real agents of development.

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