November 29, 2021
Professional training program within Los Grobo
The agricultural giant launched a program aimed at young people seeking to grow in the sowing and grain sector.

The agricultural giant, Los Grobo, seeks to incorporate talents to conduct its future businesses in the region. For this reason, it launched a program aimed at the professional development of young people interested in growing up in the sowing and grain sector. This year the initiative is based on the motto, #SemilleroGrobo 2022 "

The company maintains that doing open searches encourages the interest of those who want to join its teams that develop value-added products for the local market.

"At Los Grobo we seek to promote the professional development of young people who wish to acquire a specific work experience, encouraging them to train and providing them with spaces to achieve it," says Enrique Flaiban, CEO of the company.

The program offers a series of benefits, by the way, not inconsiderable. Includes prepayment, reimbursements for gym expenses and language courses, accommodation reimbursement for relocation, dining room, 3 extra days of vacation and recognition of important events.

Those interested, surely a few, must be graduates or students studying the last subjects of Agronomic Engineering, Bachelor of Agricultural Economics, or related careers with specialization in agriculture.

Also not be older than 28 years, reside in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, La Pampa or Santa Fe. You can register until December 15, through the microsite →

Dynamics of the plan and near future

But the issue does not end with income. The modality of the program includes a 3-month Onboarding experience at the Carlos Casares headquarters. Then 6 months of work in one of the integrated service centers. and from then on, they will see the possibility of continuing their professional development within the Group.

Those who join the first program of the company aimed at its future executives should know that the group expects to grow 13.6% this year in planting grains in a partnership scheme with producers. In addition, to expand in a similar percentage for the collection of grains.

The development is carried out under a joint sowing scheme. The company does not own any hectare but is associated with producers in a scheme where land is rented and working capital is put in as inputs and labors.

"It is a very successful model where we have been adding hectares," they say in the company, which is based in Carlos Casares where the candidates will pass in their training routines.

Thus, one of the largest planting groups will expand to 250,000 hectares

There they argue that, if the weather is good, 2021 should close as "a good year for production" and as the company is committed to growing in the grain storage business, it calculates that it will take its results to 2.5 million tons.

In this context, the La Nación news site details the company sees a five-year horizon with a sowing of 350,000 hectares and a collection of 3.5 million tons.

There is no doubt that the candidates will have to prepare very well to face the future that is to come →

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