August 07, 2019
“Sustainability must go hand in hand with technological development“
On the opening day of the Aapresid Congress, full of public, where the challenge of scientific knowledge in agriculture is the main axis of discussion, Gustavo Grobocopatel told us about the evolution of the Aapresid Congress in the 30 years of history and provided his vision on the productive news of Argentina.

Agronomist Gustavo Grobocopatel, for many one of the modernizers of agriculture in Argentina, participates in the Aapresid congresses since its inception and analyzes over time the changes of challenges that arose in the sector in each season.

Today, after 30 years, he returned with pride and expressed great joy for the progress that the entity had in all this time.

"I am living this moment with great happiness, mainly because of the amount of public that is participating in the Aapresid Congress in this special edition of these 30 years," said the agribusiness producer and entrepreneur in dialogue with El ABC Rural.

“A climate of great energy, desire and intelligence is perceived. It is amazing and very comforting to see that after 30 years is getting better every day. This congress is an indispensable tool for the agribusiness sector as a whole, ”he said.

In that sense, he acknowledged that throughout the years of transcendent history that this encounter has, it was transformed into a forum where agriculture is thought. "There is always a revolutionary thought for the countryside, the country and sustainability," he said, ensuring that "inclusion" is the central axis of each day.

"We observe a much more technological congress than in the early stages, which has a clear component linked to sustainability, food quality and the role in society," he said.

The challenges in the sector

According to the businessman, head of the Los Grobo group, the productive sector is facing an opportunity that creates several challenges. Therefore, he argued that for Aapresid partners "sustainability is put on the agenda at the same level as technological development."

Regarding these opportunities, he said that "we must grow in the volume of grain produced" but also process and take advantage of the positive circumstances "that gives us the largest export of meats that the country has." In addition, Grobocopatel encouraged producers to diversify the production matrix, modernizing technological approaches and raising production ceilings.

“We have to start working on traceability issues and certifications in order to embrace consumers more and better. These are aspects that must be developed quickly so as not to miss the opportunity, ”he said.

Finally, in relation to the current political situation, the interviewee reaffirmed his commitment to dialogue with all sectors, although he made it clear that the field is still hurt by the detraction he had on the part of the national State during the administration of the previous Government.

“We have learned that in fights and in conflicts nobody ever won. With 125 we lost all Argentines and it would be a mistake to repeat that context. We look forward to knowing who will direct the country's destinations in the next four years, taking into account that we are wiser, ”he concluded.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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