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August 26, 2019
Sustainability. The step by step of the big companies for a compelling challenge
Large companies linked to agricultural production took note of the demands that, increasingly, are imposed around sustainability and are fine tuning in that direction. More than a fashion, they have it incorporated as a key element to differentiate themselves in a context that is not only competitive, but where the eyes of society in general remain attentive to what is happening in the sector.

Within this framework, LA NACION contacted referents of Los Grobo, Adecoagro and Man Agro. What do they do for that topic? How do they interpret it to work tranqueras inside? The focus is on how to work alongside other key tools such as the implementation of good agricultural practices (GAP), direct sowing, rotations, and so on.

As noted by Emanuel Bodega, of Los Grobo, since 2011 they are certifying under the international standard RTRS (Round Table Responsible Soy), which basically works on five principles: legal compliance and good business practices, responsible working conditions, responsible relations with the community, responsibility Environmental and good agricultural practices. In the 2018/2019 campaign, the firm worked on an area of ​​187,600 hectares in association with different local partners in various production areas.

"Today we see that the market and society increasingly demand to know the origin and traceability of their food, where many buyers are willing to pay a bonus for certified products or of certain origin. As well as banks and organizations of the financial system demand today information on how we produce, standards, good practices and production areas, "he explained.

"We believe that in the not too distant future, having an endorsement or certification will be a condition to be able to sell our products, because society is demanding it," Bodega added.

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