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October 01, 2019
The 100 most reputable companies in Argentina
According to the dictionary, reputation is "the opinion or consideration in which someone or something is held." Corporate reputation is a newer, broader concept that takes on special value in times of uncertainty. Among other benefits, prestige improves stock prices, attracts talent, enhances the commercial supply of goods and services and dampens the impact in the event of possible crises, such as the one facing Argentina today.

Once again and for the tenth time in a row, Arcor, the company of the Pagani family, leads the ranking of the 100 companies with the best reputation in the country, ahead of Mercado Libre, Toyota, Google and Unilever, according to the Reputation Business Monitor Corporativa 2019 (the Merco ranking), a research prepared by the Spanish Institute Analysis and Research, whose results are audited by the consulting firm KPMG.

The Merco is an annual multistakeholder evaluation, which released a total of 16,083 surveys from 24 sources of information. The process, which took place between April and August of this year, goes through 6 evaluative phases of reputational merits. In the first instance, 720 senior executives of companies that invoice more than US $ 30 million prepare a provisional ranking with the 100 most mentioned, without order. And they collect points according to the opinion of the interest groups linked to the corporate sphere, to establish the final ranking from the maximum possible score of 10,000, as happened with Arcor and Galperin.

The report indicates that the sector that brings more companies to this edition of Merco is the technology sector, with a total of 10. It is followed by the automotive sector, with 9, and the food and pharmaceutical sector, with 8 companies each. In the universe of the first 10, there are 3 mass consumption (Arcor, Unilever and Quilmes), 2 technology (Mercado Libre and Google), 2 automakers (Toyota and Mercedes-Benz), 2 banks (Galicia and Santader Río), and one of cosmetics (Natura).

Merco emerged at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, in 2000. It was designed with the purpose of exporting it by applying the same methodology in all countries. Thus, successively, it has been carried out in Colombia since 2008, Argentina and Chile (2010), Ecuador (2011), Peru (2012), Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia (2013), Costa Rica, Panama and Portugal (2017). Panama and Portugal joined in 2018 and this year it landed in Paraguay, Uruguay and Guatemala. And there are 5 other countries on the waiting list.

Reputation is the recognition of a company's interest groups (consumers, employees, shareholders, etc.) about their corporate behavior. For this reason, prestige is considered a more stable asset than the image, closely linked to the conjunctural. This condition is reflected in the Merco ranking, whose results do not introduce drastic variations with respect to the previous measurements.

LIDE Argentina congratulates the Group member companies that are in the Merco 2019 Ranking: Natura, Volkswagen, Sancor Seguros, Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, PepsiCo, BMW, McDonald's, Fiat Chrysler Argentina, Grupo Los Grobo, Deloitte, Cargill , SAP and 3M.

Source: Clarín Economía
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