June 12, 2023
The 4 Projects of the 2023 Edition of the Campo Social Corporate Volunteer Program were selected
We present the projects that were selected this year to promote and accompany the solidarity actions of our collaborators, facilitating the realization of their ideas and for the benefit of the localities where they live and work.

This year, 23 projects involving the ideas of about 110 volunteers were presented.

The institutions that were beneficiaries are:

"José Manuel Estrada" Elementary School in Toro Pujio, Córdoba

The Toro Pujio Educational Community is made up of families from rural areas, who are dedicated to agriculture or livestock. The Education model is focused not only on knowledge and awareness, but on the transformation of reality. The institution works in a network together with other local institutions on the subject of Environmental Education as a cross-cutting axis, based on the views, diagnoses and records that the actors produce about their context, so that it is the students themselves who are involved in it. planning and solving problems: they commit, appropriate and participate in the generation of cultural changes oriented towards more sustainable societies.

The prize will be destined to shape a library, as a source of knowledge and proactive structure, and on the other hand, they will install a Native Tree Nursery where effective reforestation of the environment that surrounds the families of the children who attend the school. Volunteers will provide technical support to teachers and workshops or field trips for children and families.


  • Monica Frandino
  • gimena ponce
  • Lisandro Guerrieri
  • Carlos Roca
  • Alexander Dorsch

Special Education School No. 501 of Carlos Casares

Institution attended by students with different abilities: motor, visual, intellectual and hard of hearing. The objective of the project is to beautify the patio of the institution and incorporate games for students with motor disabilities to achieve greater inclusion at recess time and that everyone has the same access and right to play.

The prize will go towards painting the patio and incorporating new games. The improvement of the building structure will be very significant for the institution. Volunteers will be involved in the assembly and presentation of the structures to be placed.


  • Alejandro Linzitto
  • Ignatius Martin
  • santiago martin
  • Franco Pacho
  • Maximum Romera

Down Syndrome Association of Concepción del Uruguay

ASDCU is an association founded in 1997 and made up of parents of people with Down Syndrome who seek to improve their quality of life. They work for their educational inclusion, but also social, sports and labor inclusion. Among other actions, they have a Serigraphy workshop, in which they print t-shirts, hats, boxes, etc.

The prize received will allow these young people to continue learning and developing at work, since it will be used for the acquisition of inputs (inks, fabrics, tools and machines) that improve their production. Some of the volunteers are parents of children who attend the institution and others are collaborators of the institution.


  • Ariel Bustamante
  • Maria Sol Chichizola
  • Martina Herner
  • Martina Tomietto
  • Joaquin Abelenda
  • Leticia Baltore

Zarate Shelter House "Birthday Project"

The Casa de Abrigo institution assists in the care of girls, boys and adolescents from 0 to 18 years of age, providing accommodation to those who are undergoing a special protection measure due to violation of their rights. The Birthday Project consists of gathering the means to celebrate the birthdays of the children who live in the Casa de Abrigo, which has a direct and significant impact on their emotional well-being and self-esteem.

The volunteers, who are already actively collaborating with the institution, will allocate part of the prize to this end and the rest, to psychological, psychiatric and speech therapy therapies required by several of the children housed in the institution. They commit to work as a team, coordinating strategies and actions so that the objectives of the project are met.


  • Julian Asaro
  • Diana Mendez
  • Mario Ramirez

We take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE and THANK all the Volunteers who presented Projects, for their commitment and social responsibility towards their Communities.

At Grupo Los Grobo, we will continue working to continue promoting the spirit of corporate volunteering in our collaborators.

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