May 19, 2021
The agricultural firm Los Grobo also sows in the fertile ground of digital agriculture
Los Grobo, the company led by businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel dedicated to the agricultural business, from inputs to milling, continues to innovate in its business platform: in the coming days it launched its own application for cell phones and computers that aims to "digital relationship ”With your business partners.

In Creole, this application called MAUÁ, is a concrete step of the agricultural company towards digital agriculture. "In this first stage, MAUÁ incorporates, in a friendly and easily accessible way, all the information regarding commercial operations and current account, news and weather forecasts, geolocated crop monitoring of each specific farm, updated and relevant market data and community activities that contribute to a better interpretation of the multiplicity of factors that influence the business ”, they detail from the company.

The truth is that Los Grobo has long been at the fore in terms of application and investment in technologies because it was a pioneer in precision agriculture, environmental management and even the use of drones for field monitoring.

The company that annually has a turnover of around 30,000 million pesos and sows about 100,000 hectares under associative schemes, is also making a big difference in the business of inputs for the field. In this context, in the middle of last year it launched its first corn hybrid, Grobo 1923 BTRG is a material with tolerance to diatraea, the main pest of corn and resistant to glyphosate.

Currently, Los Grobo is one of the largest multipliers in Argentina, and even in recent years it has reconverted its business strategy towards the sale of inputs for agriculture. Currently, it markets soybeans, wheat and barley and has 30 branches that allow it to reach the agricultural producer directly.

About 50% of their income comes from the grain gathering business. The company currently has 12 storage plants that provide it with a storage capacity of more than 270,000 tons. Meanwhile, 20% of its sales are from the sale of inputs for agriculture. In this way, digital agriculture is the next step in which this agricultural giant advances. →

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