December 27, 2017
The CEO of Grupo Los Grobo says that one of the challenges for Argentina is to achieve more competitiveness
Daniel Gómez (ALN) .- Jorge Arpi, general director of the Argentine group Los Grobo, one of the most important agricultural companies in Latin America, is optimistic about the future of the country.

"We understand that the course is appropriate and that complex start-up problems such as international isolation, the exchange rate trap and financial default were overcome," he said in an interview for the newspaper ALnavío.

Argentina is a country sensitive to changes. Hence, in an interview with ALnavío Jorge Arpi, CEO of Los Grobo, one of the most powerful agricultural groups in the country and also in Latin America, notice that the role of citizens will be key in the future of Argentina.

"To the extent that society supports the necessary changes and that the government, or governments, work consistently to materialize them, Argentina's potential is enormous and we are effectively optimistic. Agriculture, agricultural-based industry, energy, mining, services linked to knowledge and tourism are, among other sectors, an enormous source of opportunities that support this vision ", says Arpi.

One of these "necessary changes", at least for state technicians, is the one that has just been launched by the Argentine Government. This week the Congress approved the pension reform, a cut to the current model, which represents 40% of the country's total spending, says BBC Mundo.

With this measure, the State seeks to save 5,600 million dollars to reduce the bulky fiscal deficit, which exceeds 30,000 million dollars, according to data from the Datosmacro portal. The reform, as expected since it directly affects the Argentine grandparents, is unpopular. And if in October the citizens took to the streets to celebrate the victory of Cambiemos (Macri's party), two months later they also took to the streets, but with saucepans to cry out against him.

"Cacerolazo", a common and influential practice in Argentina, is the first to receive Macri, a president who, according to the Los Grobo CEO, is on the right track.

Arpi states that "the government of President Macri inherits an economic and social situation with strong imbalances and challenges of short and medium term." Therefore, "beyond the opinions on the speed of the changes, we understand that the course is appropriate and that complex start-up problems such as international isolation, exchange rate stocks and financial default were overcome".

The challenges of the Macri government

For Jorge Arpi, who has been CEO of Los Grobo for four months, one of the great challenges ahead is "to convince the world about Argentina's fiscal soundness in the medium term, which requires communicating and executing a plan that significantly reduces the deficit level of the public sector. "

On the other hand, Arpi stresses that Argentina has "significant needs" such as "transform to become more competitive in the long term." However, he emphasizes that the country is "making evident efforts to reinsert itself in the international framework and develop relationships with its historical partners and at the same time develop new opportunities".

All in all, the CEO values ​​2017 as "a year of transition". And not only for Argentina, also for Los Grobo. "We have implemented a plan that prepares the company to face, in conditions of high competitiveness, the challenges of the future in the framework of a different economy, with different costs and different incentives. The results are accompanying us and we look forward to the future, "he says.

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