December 22, 2017
The economy in Macri's era, according to Gustavo Grobocopatel
The President of Grupo Los Grobo visited the "Terapia de Noticias" (Canal LN+ de Argentina) program and gave his look to analyze the political-economic present of Argentina.

"Argentina is a country with immense possibilities that the world needs: we can produce food, reduce poverty in rural areas, produce renewable energy, we have lithium, which is the energy of the future, we have great human capital, but we are not condemned to success and here is the mother of the problem, all of us in Argentina think we are better than we really are, "said Gustavo Grobocopatel. During his time in the "News Therapy" program, the businessman, who also takes off his career as a musician, analyzed the present of the economy in the era of President Mauricio Macri, two years after his inauguration.

"Argentina always solved these problems with shock, people believe in our country that luck determines success and not effort, you have to change culture," said the businessman, who also referred to the area of ​​the economy that most affects: the field. "The field did not benefit from the policies, but stopped damaging," he said.

On the other hand, Grobocopatel also alluded to the communication issue of the Government, which has been widely criticized in its two-year term. "I think we have to communicate the crisis in a tone of optimism because it is very difficult to go through the crisis if you do not have an optimistic long-term vision," he said, adding: "There is an economic course, we all agree with gradualism and not with the shock, the businessmen are paying a large part of the accounts ".

To conclude, the businessman said: "There is a lot of work to do here, luckily, I think you have to go for an intense gradualism, if we go faster there will be investments faster."

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