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November 28, 2019
The first edition of the AGROBIT day was held in Tandil
The meeting, held this Thursday at the Tandil Golf Club, aimed to raise awareness of the challenges of the agribusiness sector, new technologies and IT advances applied to the sector, the importance and impact of biotechnology, connect demands and solutions to the challenges of field and generate business.

There were three main dissertations, which were given by Juan Pablo Brichta (President Agro Advance Technology); Hernán Castro (Business Analyst in Glocal) and Gustavo Grobocopatel (President of Grupo Los Grobo).

A collaborative Innovation workshop coordinated by Parabolt and the Faculty of Economic Sciences was also developed; and an exhibition about local cases of Innovation in Agrobiotechnology.

Mariano Grondona, president of the Tandil Agribusiness Chamber (CAIT), explained that "there are things that producers need, sometimes consciously but often without being aware that they need them. And we will talk to the CEPIT and see that they have that solution, but they don't know how to get to the producer. So, it's to gather wills, need and offers. "

"Tandil has the privilege of having a fantastic and world-renowned technology industry. It has an agricultural industry, because it is not only agricultural, we are talking about livestock, cheese, pigs, bees, wines, beers, etc. It is a productive ecosystem of Tandil. And the idea is to get together, "said the leader.

Grondona recalled that "two years ago I went to a talk of a corn company, which talked about new corn, new technologies. A very interesting but traditional talk. And there was a 20 minute talk about technologies. And there came a person who started talk about paradigms, disruptions, applications, technology. I left very excited".

He added that "we have a growing population, more need for food, taking more and more care of the environment. With more limitations in terms of chemical use, because we have to take care of people, the soil, the water".

Finally, Grondona highlighted the support of the Municipality by mentioning that "the CAIT goes out to implement the agro-industrial strategic plan that the Municipality developed in 2012. We have all the support and when this project was presented to the Mayor the answer was? us for everything? He could not come because he is in Paraguay representing Tandil in something else but he sent the Local Development people".

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