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July 11, 2019
The Grobo are up to the new race of biological inputs
Grupo Los Grobo, chaired by the famous businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel, has in its business branch the company Agrofina, which manufactures phytosanitary supplies for agriculture and was acquired by the Group in 2013.

At that time it was risky to launch a generic factory when the glyphosate of the large multinationals reigned in the Argentine fields. Today, with the great advance of weeds resistant to such a herbicidal action, active ingredients that had fallen into disuse have reappeared and generic companies have gained a lot of ground. So the vision of Grobo at that time was successful.

"We are the only non-glyphosate," he said. And he stressed that in his Zárate plant they synthesize the products based on the needs of the local farmers, unlike the multinationals that only formulate the products that come from outside.

And what is the new vision of Grobo? In a meeting for journalists called by the company to communicate that they have received a contribution of 100 million dollars from foreign investors in 2016 for a strategic plan 2017-22 marching marvels (gacetilla); Gustavo said they are working on biological products because "they are preparing for changes in regulations," he said.

He believes that biofungicides and bioinsecticides will gain ground in the future due to the increasing pressure that exists on the part of society on chemical synthesis products. They reported that generating a new product takes five years but they are already working on them.

Regarding the provincial and municipal rulings that have occurred in recent months in Entre Ríos and Pergamino, where the use of agrochemicals in certain rural areas is prohibited; Gustavo told Bichos de Campo that "the State must assume the fundamental role by creating a space for discussion of these issues, without having to decide the cries or with assumptions."

"The products are changing, today they are not the same as 30 to 40 years ago and they will be different in the future. It is clear that the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers is not neutral but today it is put in the balance that if you do not use them it is worse, "he continued.

In this way, the entrepreneur who started alone with his father in 1984 in Carlos Casares and a little later on invented the system of participatory planting pools, with great success in the early 90s and mid-2000s, continues to reinvent himself in the market current agricultural.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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