March 08, 2019
“The law of seeds will allow to create a new industry“
The president of Grupo Los Grobo, spoke with BCR News about various issues of the current situation. "It is a good way for the entire agro-industrial chain to have direct communication with the president," he said.

The maximum reference of soy at the national level, analyzed the moment the sector is going through and the relations with the National Government. "It seems to me very well that the entire agroindustrial chain has a direct communication with the president, it is a good way," he said.

"The seed law will allow the creation of a new seed processor industry that has been lukewarmly developed so far. Today, Argentina is producing 140 million tons that will surely be able to increase much more with a greater use of technology. For example, the thermoplasma is fundamental and for that you need the law of seeds, which is still pending. It would allow improvements and incorporation of technology that is not available in the country today, because with the resistance of weeds to glyphosate, it is necessary to innovate ", argued Grobocopatel.

"In what makes soy is worth mentioning that if it is sold as such, the main destination is China, but if it is divided into flours and oils there are more than 100 markets in the world, then there is no need to make mistakes, no It can make the processing less competitive because we can lose markets and when that happens, it costs a lot to recover them, "he argued.

On the other hand, and thinking in the future, he recognized that vegetables are going to be very important. "I have been quite active with the subject, I think it is a very important crop and it is a product that is being much in demand all over the world. The increase in demand will be very large, and that is why it is essential that we know how to benefit. Only in India the demand is being 10 billion dollars per year. It is a product that will have the greatest impact on agricultural exports from now on".

Automatic translation from spanish.

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