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March 22, 2018
The most responsible companies with the best corporate governance
The ranking is based on the opinion of business executives. And professionals and consumers are consulted.

On Thursday, the 15th act of delivery of the eighth edition of the Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance ranking was held. The first two positions went to Arcor and Unilever, which repeated last year's location; while Natura reached the third place from the sixth position that it occupied in 2016.

Merco, according to its authorities, is the benchmark corporate monitor in Latin America and Spain that has been evaluating the reputation of companies since 2000. It is carried out by Analysis and Research (AeI) a market research company. And the study and ranking is made according to ISO 20252 and the ICC / ESOMAR code of conduct. The presence of the companies depends exclusively on the recognition obtained in the survey that includes 10,882 participants.

For Merco, a responsible company with good corporate governance is the one that has:

* Good ethical behavior: this means having mechanisms to manage ethical incidents, the existence of a committee or commission of ethics and written anti-corruption policies.

* Transparency and good governance: through the implementation of certain policies of transparency and good corporate governance while controlling the risk of corporate governance.

* Responsibility with employees: developing talent management and conciliation programs; and managing the diversity and equality of opportunities for the workers of the company.

* Commitment to the environment and climate change: through the measurement and management of environmental impact, managing the purchase of responsible products and with a clear position against the phenomena associated with climate change.

* Contribution to the community: having systems of evaluation of the social impact and of the social requirements necessary for the supply chain, as well as in the development of programs with the environment.

The first step is the preparation of a provisional ranking of companies. It calls for members of the board of companies that invoice more than US $ 40 million, and each of these choose the ten most responsible companies with better corporate governance, except theirs.

Sectoral ranking – MERCO 2017:

Grupo Los Grobo
Banco Galicia
Drugstore, perfumery and cosmetics: Natura Appliances and Telephony: Samsung Pharmacist: Bagó Financial and credit cards: Tarjeta Naranja Oil and gas: PAE

Then, the Merit Evaluation stage begins by the Merco technicians, who analyze the 50 main indicators of the companies in the provisional ranking. At the same time, these data are crossed with the information of Merco Consumo, where the population (consumers) value the commercial reputation of the companies according to four variables:

* Ethics: it is a company that does not deceive its clients.

* Ecological commitment: protects and does not harm the environment.

* Social commitment: is committed to social problems.

* Attractive to work: it is a good company to be employed.

Thus, with the crossing of all these variables, the Global Ranking of Companies with Better Responsibility and Corporate Governance is drawn up.

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