May 03, 2019
The plans of Los Grobo: billing US $ 1,000 M for 2022
In 35 years Los Grobo went from being a family company with 4 people to a group that provides products and services for the entire agricultural chain, which has 700 employees.

At the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero, Grupo Los Grobo made a presentation yesterday with information about the company, its trajectory and future projects.

"We have gone from being a family business to incorporating professionals and non-family members, both from Argentina and from other parts of the world, and that is precisely what makes the family's dream come true, which was that the company transcended us", summarizes Gustavo Grobocopatel. , with his sister Matilde, owns 24% of the shares.

For 2022 Los Grobo plans to bill US $ 1,000 million (today they are US $ 600 million) and add 16 new branches throughout the country (thus reaching 38), as a way to multiply the capacity to do business, with a low investment .

When the company was born, in 1985, they did agriculture in the 2,500 family hectares. This year they planted 200,000 hectares of which 50% is owned and the rest belongs to the partners, who are landowners, tenants and contractors who receive their payment in a percentage of the harvested.

"When there are owners of the land involved, there is more commitment in the development of the business," explains Grobocopatel, highlighting the difference with conventional sowing poles where those who work the land are not owners but rent it.

"There are plans to open new branches in Córdoba and also have a presence in the NOA but still without a specific date because finding the right place and the key people is a process that takes time," says Jorge Arpi, CEO of the Group, while commenting that We are working on the integration of the research and development sectors to achieve more competitive products and that are incorporating pulses into their core business, until now consisting of soy, wheat, sunflower and corn.

Another strong innovation is the initiative "Potenciar comunidades", a platform to design and implement strategies to invest funds for social issues. The idea was born with the aim of helping companies and the State to efficiently invest resources destined for the most vulnerable sectors. In this way, they work with the elderly, with community leaders and in prisons; 500,000 people have already benefited.

At the same time they have developed Los Grobo Consulting to plan and carry out development programs in rural environments, in Argentina and around the world. One of the last actions was in Ghana, Africa, where they made the advice to plant 200,000 hectares of soybeans and corn as chicken feed. In this way, the country that receives the advice trains its people, generates labor and prevents imports, while opening the possibility of greater demand for agricultural machinery in Argentina. A win-win situation for all.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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