July 22, 2019
They open their office tomorrow on Route 11; Los Grobo arrives in Gualeguay
With the aim of consolidating its presence in the province of Entre Ríos, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurates a new integrated services center in the city of Gualeguay from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the zone.

"The idea is that Gualeguay Branch is a business operator from which commercial, technical, administrative and logistical assistance can be provided to new customers and producers in the region, and to those who previously arrived, but with other times and distances," he said. Santiago Novelli, Commercial Supervisor of Grupo Los Grobo in the north.

The commercial and operational team that will lead the Branch is made up of Franco Fumaneri (Commercial Manager), Damian Tramanoni (Deposit Manager) and Maria Eugenia Scardini (Administrative Manager) all have vast experience in the sector and deep territorial knowledge. The brand new offices, are located on Provincial Route 11 km 233 and have a large deposit for seeds, the entire range of products for crop protection, as well as very comfortable facilities and meeting rooms.

“Gualeguay represents a strategic location for the productive growth of the entire region. Our intention is to favor the logistics of the producers in this area, offering them, in addition, to participate in this business ecosystem that is Los Grobo, ”said Gerardo Burriel, General Manager of Los Grobo Agropecuaria. On Tuesday 23, at noon, the new branch will be formally inaugurated with a meeting in which Gustavo Grobocopatel, President of the company will be present, in addition to the commercial and technical team.

Gualeguay Branch, is part of the growth plan projected by the company for this year. It joins the recently opened centers in Daireaux, Lincoln, Tres Arroyos, July 9, all in the province of Buenos Aires; and those who will soon follow in General Belgrano (Bs As) and Huinca Renancó (Cdba).

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