November 18, 2022
“A shared vision, a common project, is what will get us out of this situation”
On Thursday, November 17, LIDE Argentina held the XI National Agribusiness Forum. The event was framed within the theme AGENDA 2050. A look beyond the current situation, and was attended by leading professionals from the sector.

Rodolfo de Felipe, President of LIDE Argentina, began the event by establishing its context: “Albert Einstein is falsely attributed a definition of madness: Always do the same thing and expect different results. Analyzing what we discussed in the ten previous editions of this forum, we see that we are always discussing the same thing, and we get used to things not changing”.

And he continued: “There are some words that we are going to talk about here that could be part of the definition of the exit: union and communication. We must unite more and install a positive story, that is what agriculture must do to occupy the place it deserves in the decision-making system, there is not much more”.

Laura Loizeau, President of the LIDE Agribusiness division, shared experiences within the sector that allow us to look optimistically at 2050: "In the company where I work, we interview more than 80,000 agricultural producers per year around the world, and I assure you that listening to Argentine producers is totally different from what happens in other latitudes. Despite the problems to which we are subjected on a daily basis, the optimism, innovation, desire to do and the networking that exists here makes me feel proud of our talent and the drive that the agro-industrial sector has for the economy of the country".

“In addition, the recognition that the sector has worldwide is proverbial. In all international meetings, one of the countries that they put as leaders and from whom they want to learn, is Argentina ”, she concluded.


Enrique Flaiban, CEO of Grupo Los Grobo, shared with those present how they are organized to optimize production efficiently among a large number of partners: "The truth is that organizing the work team is not easy, because they are businesses that are related to each other. with others. We sow with our 74 partners, where we provide inputs and they other tasks, we have agreements that are variable and go according to the experience that each one of us has”.

"In relation to the phytosanitary plant, today the biggest challenge is to be able to give it a production dynamic that the sector needs to provide services and arrive with the products at the right time, which is compromised with the prohibition that exists regarding to payments abroad, this is an issue that complicates a lot and makes us replan the production of the plant, all the time”, he clarified.

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