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May 22, 2018
US $ 7,000 million less will be exported
According to the calculations of the founder of the Los Grobo company, Gustavo Grobocopatel.

The calculations for the effect of the drought and the repercussions on the sayings of the deputy Elisa Carrió, continue. So much so that the agricultural entrepreneur and founder of the company Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, estimated that the drought suffered by the heavy campaign will cause losses of US $ 7,000 million in exports and in turn, assured that the liquidation of foreign currency by the sector is higher in proportion to that of other years.

In this sense, in dialogue with the online radio Futurock, Grobocopatel said: "This year there will be US $ 7,000 million less in exports due to the drought, which is serious for the agricultural sector but, especially, for the Argentine economy, which depends a lot of that foreign exchange income". Regarding the income of dollars, he warned that "it is not important in the short term but it generates a problem throughout the year".

The answer

As for the recent statements of the representative Carrió, who asked the agricultural sector to liquidate foreign exchange from exports, said: "It was liquidated more percentage in relation to other years," and explained: "It is not a matter of lack of liquidation, but lack of quantity and has to do with the impact of the drought and the delay of the harvest by the flood". In this regard, established a comparison with the Kirchner Government period and said: "In the time of Cristina we were accused of making a boycott against it. We are always guilty of something unacceptable, apparently".

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