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September 20, 2018
Volunteers from Los Grobo Donated Materials and Appliances to the SUM of the Club Florencio Varela de Chivilcoy
Last days the winning projects of the 2018 edition of "CampoSocial", the Corporate Volunteering program that Grupo Los Grobo has been implementing for more than 10 years, were announced.

In this edition, one of the projects presented by volunteers from Chivilcoy was awarded, which has as beneficiary the Florencio Varela Multiple Use Room that operates in the headquarters of the Social, Sports and Cultural Club of the same name.

Remember that CampoSocial is a program that promotes and accompanies the solidarity actions of the people who work at Grupo Los Grobo, facilitating the concretion of their ideas, in benefit of the localities where they live and work. Through it, the company puts at the disposal of its collaborators an amount of money that this year was $ 150 thousand so that they themselves have, through a project contest, which institutions of their community they decide to help.

The Florencio Varela Club is a recognized institution of Chivilcoy, which is located in one of the most humble neighborhoods of the city. Its headquarters, has a space where they just installed and began to operate the Hall of Multiple Uses (SUM) Florencio Varela, to strengthen the social and cultural facet of the institution. There, primary health care is provided by professionals who dedicate their time ad honorem, as well as various workshops (hairdressing, baking, makeup, cooking, tango or zumba classes, etc.) and other complementary activities in totally free form (legal advice, workshops on sexuality, adolescence, community work, psychological assistance, among others).

Monica Lanfranchi, General Administrator of the SUM Florencio Varela, said: "We started with this project in mid-February of this year, with the aim of providing a better quality of life to our citizens, it is a small grain of sand but it allows us to reach each household to offer restraint, as well as primary health care and training options".

In this sense, the fund of the prize they received for having won the "CampoSocial" Program was allocated to the acquisition of a kitchen, a refrigerator, plastic chairs, materials and labor for the installation of the durlock and kitchen enclosure where the Primary Care Center operates and where the different workshops are being held.

"Winning the Social Field contest was a great help because we did not receive funds or collaboration of any kind, this is done all by itself and thanks to the good disposition of the professionals and workshops that provide their services for the benefit of the club's neighbors and the neighborhood, "added Monica Lanfranchi.

Lucas Divito, Julieta Jaureguilorda, Maria Jose Letamendi, Marcela Beramendi, Silvana Cerella, Stella Cialdo, Claudia Eberle, Elizabeth Girotti and Ana Rita Arenas were the Volunteers who presented the winning project. They work in Molino Canepa, of Grupo Los Grobo and some of them live near the neighborhood where the Club's headquarters are located and where the integrating center began to operate.

In this year's edition of the "CampoSocial" program, 2 projects from the city of Chivilcoy were awarded, and another 3 from the cities of Zarate, Carlos Casares and Lobería that will receive $ 30,000 each to strengthen the work of organizations with those that are already working or involved in some way.

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