March 14, 2019
“We farmers are bad, but happy“
"The sector is paying a lot of money in taxes, probably more than in the time of Cristina," said the agricultural entrepreneur.

The agricultural entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel said that the field is not going through its best, among other issues because of the high level of taxes that must be paid, but that in the sector they are "happy" because they find in President Mauricio Macri an "interested interlocutor".

"The sector is paying a lot of money in taxes, probably more than in the time of (the former president) Cristina de Kirchner. But the sensation that the sector has is that it has a valid interlocutor in Macri. In the field we are bad, but happy. We pay more, but happy, "said Grobocopatel, speaking on La Red radio.

His sayings are given after yesterday President Macri attended the Expoagro fair where he again recognized that export taxes "are a bad tax" but that he had to reimpose them because "it is an emergency". Currently, producers pay $ 4 for every dollar of grain they export.

Regarding the results of the harvest, Grobocopatel trusted that "the producers are going to liquidate" because "there is no other choice because you have to pay the bills, you have to live, and the option of taking a bank loan is very expensive". "80% of what is collected is to cover the costs," he said.

"In the months between April and June the liquidation will be great. There is a figure of U $ S 27,000 million, that is the number that should enter, "he estimated.

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