March 15, 2021
We present Mauá
Dear business partners / friends: Within the program of incorporation of technologies that aim to be closer to our clients, contributing valuable elements for the growth and deepening of the relationship that unites us, we want to share our enthusiasm for launching an innovative digital relationship platform in the coming days.

Its name is MAUÁ and its contents and format are the product of the needs that many of you have had the generosity to transmit to us, during the many months of intense work that its development demanded.

MAUA is presented in two versions, one Mobile (available now for Android and IOS) and another for desktop, with the aim of accompanying them both in remote decision / consultation occasions and in analysis and administration processes.

In this first stage we are going to share in a friendly and easily accessible way, all the information regarding our operations and current account, news and weather forecasts, geolocated crop monitoring of each specific farm, updated and relevant data of the markets and community activities that contribute to a better interpretation of the multiplicity of factors that influence our business.

We trust that with this first step of MAUÁ, we will look together at a way of relating to each other that will make us closer, more efficient and more competitive.

We are working to build the future together and we hope that MAUÁ will make a leading contribution to that goal.

The entire Los Grobo team is available to guide you in the adoption of this tool, which is simple, friendly and intuitive.

Thank you in advance for joining us in this endeavor!

We are waiting for you at the launch of MAUÁ next Tuesday, March 23 at 6:00 p.m. GO TO THE WEBINAR


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