March 11, 2022
What are the benefits outside of salary that companies try to “fall in love” talents
Employees today value new possibilities offered by their work beyond the purely economic aspect. Among these evaluations, the balance between personal life and work appears strongly.

In this line, employees today value new possibilities that their work offers them beyond the purely economic aspect. Among these assessments, the balance between personal life and work appears strongly, no longer thought of as a separation but as more flexible or hybrid spaces, participating in initiation initiatives, feeling part of the projects, having a strong impact on decision-making and levels of autonomy.

Undoubtedly, it is about putting their abilities into play and especially "feeling that their work contributes to their personal purpose."

Considering that talent today has opened its borders to the whole world, and the talent supply crisis that exists in many areas, it is key to redesign the employee value proposition. This is how the emotional salary has gained ground.

The first line of benefits goes hand in hand with conditions that improve the well-being of employees in the organization.

  • Benefits in relation to hybrid work: Co-work bonus to facilitate remote work, flexible work policies "the worker chooses days of remote work in the week", internet access bonus or collaborative remote work platforms.
  • Benefits in relation to healthy living: food delivery plan, expanded vegetarian or vegan food plan in the dining room, bonus access to gyms or other recreational spaces such as singing, art, etc. Days off for family impact events, for example a flexible week for the children's return to school.
  • Gifts of experiences to redeem, delivery of breakfasts, kits for remote after office or access to discounted experiences that the collaborator chooses, such as theater tickets, cocktail mood, spa at home, etc.
  • Free access to online knowledge platforms with discounted certifications.

Build employer brand

That the workplace is chosen by the people, that they manage to build belonging and identity in relation to their work. Lucia Dellagiovanna, Talent Manager at Los Grobo, tells us that "the feeling of well-being and the experience of the employee throughout their life cycle in the organization is proportional, with the ability to deliver and impact business results." Employability programs as young professionals are key to building a comprehensive brand experience. Along these lines, Cristian De Luca, a specialist in employer branding and talent, emphasizes enhancing the employee's experience even from the moments prior to joining the organization, this includes the search and selection phases.

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