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July 18, 2018
What is coming in the agriculture, according to Gustavo Grobocopatel
Gustavo Grobocopatel is in Mendoza and spoke about the impact technology has on agriculture. "It will change the agricultural landscape," he said.

Gustavo Grobocopatel is the president of the group Los Grobo and is known as the "King of soy". This Thursday he participated in the "Endeavor Experience" cycle held at Godoy Cruz and spoke about the impact of technology on the agro-export world. "We are experiencing a process of disruptive technological convergence that will change the agricultural landscape," he said.

In this regard, he said that "all progress comes from the hand of technology" and said that the agricultural sector is not the exception, not only because it allows lower costs and create more environmentally friendly working conditions, but also because it changes the way of working".

"It is known that a process of robotization of activities is coming and to that is added the 'uberization' of logistics," he told MDZ.

Even, he stressed that technology also serves to create microorganisms that help the growth of plants and artificial intelligence allows to improve the quality of them.

Although he pointed out that the impact is positive, he clarified that it can have repercussions on the work of many people. "Jobs are lost that exist today and new ones are created, the challenge is to achieve a little painful transition between these forms of work", he concluded.

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MDZol (Mendoza, Argentina). By Mariano Bustos. PH: Pachy Reynoso.
Automatic translation from spanish.

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