February 17, 2019
Who are the businessmen who travel with Mauricio Macri to India and Vietnam
Some 120 executives accompany the President to both official visits. They have more than 500 meetings on the agenda. They will seek to generate business and strengthen bilateral relations. There will be a stopover in the United Arab Emirates.

This Sunday, President Mauricio Macri's official visits to India and Vietnam begin, along with other national government officials, legislators and representatives of more than 120 companies.

They are entrepreneurs of the pharmaceutical, agricultural, mining and energy industries, among others. It will seek to strengthen the bilateral relationship and generate agreements focused on the development of technology, services based on knowledge and agro-industrial production and biotechnology.

Although many of the businessmen who travel are from the SME sector in the interior, and representatives of regional economies, among those who appear in the official lists are also important businessmen such as Gabriel Martino (HSBC), Eduardo Elsztain (IRSA) and Gustavo Grobocopatel (Grupo Los Grobo), Néstor Nocetti (Globant), Sergio Nardelli (Vicentin), Mariano Curia (Rizobacter), Rafael Paz (Aceitera General Deheza) and Marcelo Landó (Ledesma Renovables).

Also executives of Sancor Seguros, Bagó, Coto, Newsan, ComprandoEnGrupo, Lipotech, Green Gold, Piporé, Fecovita, Tigonbu Group, Manfrey, Dolbi and Arla Foods.

In addition, Daniel Pelegrina, of the Sociedad Rural Argentina; Gustavo Idígoras, CIARA (oilers); Ángel Machado, from the Chamber of Commerce; Diego Coatz, UIA economist; and Osvaldo Calzetta Larrieu, president of the National Atomic Energy Commission.

Macri is traveling on a Fly Emirates flight today. He will make a brief stopover in the Arab Emirates and meet with local authorities. The retinue will be between 17 and 19 of this month in India and between 20 and 21 in Vietnam.

This official visit was completed at the G20 last December, when Macri met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"This is a trip that essentially has a commercial economic component, since India is a huge growth potential for Argentina's exports," said Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie.

"The objective is to increase the presence of Argentine products that are acquired in these markets and that is why a delegation of Argentine entrepreneurs from different sectors and sectors is traveling, which are of interest in each of the markets of India and Vietnam," he added. .

Since Foreign Ministry, they are enthusiastic about the numbers of one of the fastest growing areas in the world: India demands imports of more than USD 450,000 a year and is expected to be the world's most populous country with 1.5 billion people by 2030.

Between January and November 2018, Argentina exported US $ 1.46 billion to that destination, with a balance of USD 625 million.

While trade with Vietnam was greater - almost USD 2 billion in 11 months, with USD 1.4 billion in positive trade - authorities highlight the strong growth of the bond: sales have multiplied by seven in the last decade. "They buy us a lot today, but we have an opportunity to grow even more," they say.

As for specific products, in the case of agriculture the focus is on lemons, fresh eggs, chia, flour and bone mill, for India; and citrus fruits for Vietnam. Another point that emphasizes the officials is that the Indians are very interested in the local lithium.

As the analyst and diplomat Felipe Frydman described in a column in Infobae, "the country received Indian investments in different sectors: TCS (technology), Crisil (services), Wipro (technology), Bajraj (motorbikes), Cellent Technologies, Cognizant Technologies, United Phosphorous (agrochemical), Glenmar (pharmaceuticals) and Godrej (tinctures) ".

In addition, the column mentions local companies with a presence in India such as Techint, Biosidus, Bagó and INVAP, which developed a plant to manufacture radioisotopes for medical applications.

Another is the technological Globant, one of the local "unicorns", listed on NYSE New York and a market value of USD 2.5 billion. Néstor Nocetti, one of his co-founders is part of the retinue. The company that develops software, platforms and strategies tech has almost 1,000 employees in its offices in Pune and Bangalore.

Meanwhile, the specialist said that "Vietnam has a foreign trade of USD 424,556 million divided equally between imports and exports, Argentina exported USD 2,102 million and imported USD 636 million.Argentine exports are concentrated in food industry waste, and maize and wheat, which account for 92 percent of the total. Vietnam is expected to continue to increase imports of these items because of increased meat production".

"India is rapidly transforming, generating vast possibilities for the development of trade and investment. We work with medium- and long-term goals thinking of tomorrow's India as one of the biggest markets in the world," they add in Chancery, from where the negotiations to "deepen the Agreement of Preference Fixed in force between Mercosur and India, seeking to expand the quantity of Argentine products that have better access to this key market and large (tenth global importer)."

"This trip is a great opportunity to open new markets, we have a lot of meetings already arranged and we hope to talk to suppliers of equipment that are not manufactured in Argentina," said Cordovan Daniel Salomón, CEO and founder of ComprandoEnGrupo. pool of 700 retail outlets across the country in the areas of industrial hardware, camping and fishing, bazaar, lighting and taps.

In addition, Macri travels accompanied by Faurie; the Deputy Chief of Staff, Andrés Ibarra; the secretary of Agroindustry, Luis Miguel Etchevehere; the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Emilio Monzó; the Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, Fulvio Pompeo; Secretary of International Economic Relations of Foreign Affairs, Horacio Reyser, and Juan Pablo Tripodi, head of the Argentine Agency for International Trade and Investment, among other officials.

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