July 15, 2021
Who is the new CEO of Grupo Los Grobo
This is Enrique Flaiban, who will be responsible for leading all the company's businesses.

Grupo Los Grobo announced the incorporation of Enrique Flaiban as CEO of the company. He will report to the firm's board of directors. As reported by the company, the executive is a national public accountant, has several specialized studies. He will be responsible for leading all the business of the company.

“With more than 30 years of experience in leading companies, he held positions of great responsibility both in the country and abroad. He is a committed professional, with leadership skills and a strong vocation for teamwork, focused on results and with a clear strategic vision ”, they said.

“In the last four years he held the position of general manager at Petrocuyo and also served for five years as Executive Director of Ecogas. Likewise, he held different positions of responsibility in companies such as Grupo Newsan; E. ON Spain, the United States and Germany; GA; Sideco Americana in Argentina and Brazil; and Arthur Andersen ” → LA NACION

Automatic translation from spanish.

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