April 19, 2018
With great success, the recycling workshop continues
More than 50 students attend, who learn to work with disposable materials to turn them into useful products for home or sale.

Through the agreement signed with Fundación Los Grobo, the José María Cantos Foundation continues to carry out training on its own, not only at its headquarters located at 25 de Mayo No. 278, but also at the external offices.

There are both men and women who want to learn some technique to generate their own enterprise.

One of the main objectives of the Cantos Foundation is to encourage the revitalization of the family economy in low-income groups.

In the opportunity, the training courses are held in the Popular Library of the General Paz neighborhood.

This is the case of the recycling workshop, given by Professor Claudia Tejerina, attended by more than fifty students, who seek to learn techniques to recycle paper, wood or any material they create disposable and thus convert it into useful products for the home and for sale.

"The José María Cantos Foundation has been collaborating in this area for a long time," said coordinator Ramiro Llanos Paz.

In addition, it considers "that the economic development of low-income families will only be achieved through an educational process, where the necessary tools are provided to generate pathways that enable the establishment and maintaining in the time of a given undertaking."

He stressed that "the trades are in this sense those that best adapt to the context in which we are living and with the population we are dealing with, because the techniques can be learned, generally, in a shorter period, which makes it possible for the student is empodera quickly detached in his individual enterprise, "concluded Llanos Paz.

It should be remembered that this recycling workshop is part of the program called Potenciar Comunidades, whose main objective is to work in the most unfavorable areas of the city.

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