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May 09, 2019
“With more competition, the quality of the business ecosystem is improved“
With a series of economic definitions and three-Puerto Rican clients in their local portfolio, from the beginning, the entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel opened a subsidiary of Los Grobo, a firm that is installed in different strategic points of the country, for the development of agribusiness. Expecting how the activity of his company will develop in the district, he announced that they will bring their clients -farmer producers from Tres Arroyos- "proposals that add value".

He added that "as more competition is generated in the area, and there are more options, the quality of the business ecosystem is improved. We are excited, Tres Arroyos is one of the parties with the largest agricultural area in the country, for us it is a challenge and we hope to do what we have managed to do in the rest of the places where we were, "he said installed in the offices located on General Mosconi 485 .

Los Grobo currently has 35 years of experience and has been able to develop links with customers and suppliers throughout the Pampa Húmeda, according to its chief executive. Above all remarked that they have been able to establish "with relative success" on Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Pampa, Santa Fe and Entre Rios.

In each of these strategic points of the country they have also been able to participate in activities with the communities as a whole "we do not only do field business but we also collaborate with the development of society," he explained.

The producer

As an agricultural producer, Grobocopatel considered that it has been a very good year in almost all regions, although he differentiated Tres Arroyos, where he observed that "the coarse harvest is a little more complicated".

In this context, he also highlighted the figure of the producer and described him as "an optimist by nature". He said that "the fact of sowing is already an act of optimism as there are few. You are putting a seed today to collect it within six or eight months; that speaks of a structural optimism beyond appearances. "

The company

In line with optimism, the entrepreneur placed Los Grobo especially. "We are very optimistic, the country has a possibility in agribusiness. If we are not optimistic entrepreneurs what is left for the rest of society.

Understands that the business sector has "the obligation to help create a society of hope, to open roads, to show the light. If we can not do it, it is very difficult for others to do it, "he said in a context that has the company as favored by receiving a major injection of capital.

"Los Grobo is one of the few that has received external investment, we have just made a very important investment of 100 million dollars, in addition to another initial investment that was made just over two years ago," he said.

Green fever

Asked about the impact of the dollar on the country's economy, he said that the US dollar alone "does not determine the competition of the economy." He observed that "one of the mistakes we have in Argentina is this kind of green fever, of thinking about every second, every minute of the dollar. And the dollar makes us happy or sad, competitive or non-competitive, that elections are won or elections are lost. "

However, he considered that the issue itself "is a challenge" for the country. And he explained that "the dollar, everyone thinks that it is the cause of competitiveness; and from my point of view it is the consequence of competitiveness. If you have a more competitive economy, your weight strengthens. If you have a less competitive economy your weight weakens, then the central point of the public debate has to be how we make our economy competitive, "he said during a press conference.


At his side, the CEO of the company, Jorge Arpi, said that the services that the company brought to Tres Arroyos are linked to seven business areas. "We have a company that distributes, produces and sells crop protection products, Agrofina, which is the largest of the national companies in the sector. Then we have sales of inputs in our branches as seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals, "he explained.

And he continued to list that the company has "an associated production business, we develop productive activity, together with local partners in all cases"; and to this we add the traditional functions of the collection, "we give logistics, marketing and work together with our customers to maximize the value of their production", as summarized.

To grow

While the commercial manager of the branch, Gustavo van Strien, indicated that they began to operate "operating with enough clients and the idea from now on is to make an exponential growth. We invite all producers to come, I will be to advise them and achieve the best business, "he said at the meeting with the media opportunity in which he also said that the subsidiary will remain open between 8 and 18.

He also said that they work with many seed farms, "and that in the case of sunflower and corn we work with Don Mario, La Tijereta, and then we have our own multiplication of seeds that we make based in Tandil. We are making wheat and barley seeds to cover the needs, "he told the closing.

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