March 23, 2022
Within the framework of its expansion plan throughout the country, Grupo Los Grobo officially opened its branch in Laboulaye
Enrique Flaiban, CEO of Los Grobo, and Gustavo Grobocopatel, founder of the company, were present.

With the aim of continuing with the expansion plan within the country and consolidating its presence in the province of Córdoba, Grupo Los Grobo opened its integrated services center in the city of Laboulaye, from where it intends to extend its network of businesses and products in order to to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.

Gustavo Grobocopatel, founder of the company, began the event narrating the origins of Los Grobo to the attendees: “We started as a family business, founded by my father in Carlos Casares. Later professionals, partners, investment funds joined. 'Together we add value', our slogan, is a concept that is not based on one thing in particular -be it a seed or a service-, but rather means being, so that together we can look at all the changes, turbulence and opportunities that a world that will not stop changing. That idea is a kind of sublimation of providing a service, it is always focused on what the producer needs, always being from a peer position”.

“At Los Grobo we develop businesses, we add value to them, we make innovation, experience and knowledge available to the agricultural producer. Providing services is in our gene”, said Enrique Flaiban CEO of Los Grobo.

“We continue to grow in billing, in grains, in the production of agrochemicals, in partners, in hectares produced with associative schemes. We expand our palette of solutions for the producer. We are growing in areas of influence and in the number of branches. We have developed digital tools that show all the traceability of the business, between the company and the producer”.

“The inauguration of this new branch in Laboulaye reaffirms the plan that we outlined three years ago where we set out to deepen the development of the entire chain of Los Grobo services in Córdoba, fundamentally in the south of the province. Although the company has a strong commercial presence in the Río Cuarto region –supported by our branch in operation for more than 15 years–, we saw an added value and complementarity in improving our network of services to offer to the Cordovan producer”, stated Emanuel Bodega, Commercial Manager.

The new offices are located at Senador Ferreiro 293 (at km. 490.5 of RN 7) and have a large store for seeds, the full range of crop protection products, as well as comfortable facilities and meeting rooms. meeting.

"Today we are inaugurating our facilities in Laboulaye and over the next few months we will continue to add new Service Centers in towns in the region with the purpose of offering the agricultural producer a complete business portfolio (sale of crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds; origination and commercialization of grains; businesses of Sowing Associates increasingly competitive and of better quality" affirmed Lucas Nasarala, Commercial Supervisor of Grupo Los Grobo in the south of Córdoba.

Juan Leandro Monge, the local referent who is leading the Branch, has vast experience in the sector and deep territorial knowledge.

Laboulaye branch is part of the expansion plan projected by the company that contemplates a progressive growth of the planted area and the opening of new branches for the sale of inputs and the possibility of originating more grains for its commercialization.

This opening joins the extensive network of Los Grobo integrated service centers, and the company's recent arrival in San Antonio de Areco (Buenos Aires), Huinca Renancó and Inriville (Córdoba), Paraná/Victoria (Entre Ríos) and Mayor Alvear/Realicó (La Pampa).

About Los Grobo:

Leading company in the provision of products, services and knowledge for the food chain in Argentina and its region.

With more than 35 years of experience in the sector, 250,000 hectares of production and 2.5 million tons collected per year, their entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge of the activity and integration model has allowed them to offer the greatest added value proposal, which contemplates: Own Brand Seeds, new Products for the Protection of Crops of its Agrofina brand, Digital Transformation of processes to achieve traceability, and information in a timely manner through its recent Mauá Platform, a tool that seeks to connect producers, offer them useful information to manage their activity and promote innovation and technology in agriculture.

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