POTENCIAR is a Collective Impact Platform with 15 years of work in Latin America, created by Fundación Los Grobo with the purpose of:

  • Accompany social organizations, companies and governments, in the design, implementation, evaluation and scaling of collective impact initiatives,
  • Promote networks that work to make visible, involve, empower and develop groups of people living in vulnerable situations,
  • Develop sustainable communities by facilitating collaborative and comprehensive processes of economic, social, environmental and cultural impact,
  • Strengthen capacities and provide tools for the sustainable management of collective impact initiatives.

It has generated alliances with more than 60 partners and strategic allies in Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Mexico, promoting the articulation of agendas, programs, projects and resources. This joint work made it possible to reach more than 5,000 grassroots organizations, train more than 2,500 referents and community leaders and implement more than 60 experiences of collective impact that contributed to improving the living conditions of thousands of people.

The platform has a work methodology tested in different contexts for the coordination of ideation, implementation, evaluation, systematization and scaling of results-oriented associated management projects, based on experience and evidence.

Through POTENCIAR, high-impact collaboration systems are created, strengthened and managed - networks, informal work groups, local movements and coalitions, social investment consortia, public-private articulation structures, thematic affinity groups, multidisciplinary teams, among others- looking for them to develop capacities and resources to effectively and efficiently achieve superior and lasting results.

“We incorporate the best practices that guarantee efficiency, responsibility and commitment with all our value chain.” The Grobo Culture